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Ann H. Mack wrote an article for The Virginia Genealogist, Volume 28, 1984 entitled Hawley/Halley In Seventeenth Century Virginia. She has since done further well documented research on this family. She presents a full and rich story of these early settlers of Virginia. The material found on this website is from her research. We are very grateful for her careful work.

Henry Hawley was born in 1643 most likely in Isle of Wight County. His parents were James and Ann Hawley. Ms. Mack has a lot of evidence to support his birthdate, place and parentage. Much of it comes from land and will records. References can be found in The Virginia Genealogist article mentioned above.

Henry lived in Westmoreland County in his young adult years. He was active buying and selling land, showing up in court records as administrator, witness, juror and he served as county constable from June 1682 to May 1683.

A land sale in 1691 names Henry's wife to be Mary. We do not know when or where they married, but assume it to be about 1675 in Westmoreland County. Henry had at least 3 children, with a fourth listed as a strong possibility. Was Mary their mother?

1. Henry Jr. born about 1678/9
2. Edward born before 1680 (the possibility)
3. William born about 1684
4. Sarah born about 1686 married first Capt. William Harrison, 2nd Thomas Lewis.

About 1693 Henry Hawley became a tenant on Nicholas Spencer's patent in Stafford County. This patent was 5000 acres held by Lt. Col. John Washington and included Mount Vernon. Henry Hawley lived there nearly 30 years. He died about 1720. We know Mary was still alive in 1691.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. What was his wife's maiden name?

2. When did he marry Mary?

3. When did Mary die?

4. Were there other children?


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