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 William Laughlin was born about 1690 most probably in County Antrim Ireland. His parents are unknown.  Nancy Hodges was born about the same time, c1695, most likely in County Antrim, Ireland.  Her parents are also unknown.  In fact, I don't have a source for any of this information.  It is floating out there on the web with no documentation.  It fits, but I don't know that it is right.

William Laughlin married Nancy Hodges about 1719 maybe in Dervock.  This is where their eldest son was said to be born.  It is a pretty small village just south of the very north coast.  In fact, in is just a few miles south of Bushmills, home of the Irish Whiskey distillery and from there 2 miles to the Giant's Causeway on the coast.  A lovely area of Northern Ireland. 

William and Nancy Laughlin are believed to have had at least three children. There were probably others.
1. John Laughlin born 1720 in Dervock, County Antrim Ireland (now North Ireland).
2. James Laughlin
3. William Laughlin

This information is from the LDS Ancestral file. There is a lot of confirmation to do. Son John Laughlin immigrated to the American colonies and married in Philadelphia. His descendants are found coast to coast.  Some say William and Nancy Laughlin also migrated, but again no documentation to support the claim.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US 

1. When and where was William born?
2.  When and where was Nancy born?
3. Where and when did they marry?
4. What were the names and birth dates of all their children?
5. When and where did they die?
6.  Get documentation that proves the data


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