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The name McChesney is a French Derivative from the Middle Ages. Chesney is from Le Quesnoy, or old French, chesnai, which means Oak Grove.  

Walter McChesney was born about 1735. Isabella was born about the same time. According to researcher Simpson at she was possibly the daughter of Benjamin Borden and Magdalena Woods.  This is based on a deed dated March 31, 1801 Rockbridge County VA Isabella McChesney with William and Jane Young (daughter of Walter and Isabella) sold their interest in a tract of land containing 100 acres on waters of Walker Creek.  the land had been conveyed to Walter McChesney by the executors of Benjamin BordenWalter left this land to his son Samuel with the right of dower to his wife, Isabella.  Therefore it is possible that Isabella may be a daughter of Benjamin Borden. Dan Collins was the researcher reported.

However,  when I researched Benjamin Borden, I found his will written March 30, 1753 in Augusta county Va.  He lists daughters Martha, and Hannah, and 3 children of Magdalena - but no Isabella.  So I do not believe her to be his daughter.

It is not known for sure where he was born, but the book Family Homes in Virginia says that Rockbridge County Virginia around the Natural Bridge area was settled by Ulstermen of North Ireland. It also stated that Walter and Samuel McChesney had 100 acres near Border Track. The book History of Rockbridge County confirms and states that Walter had 100 acres worth 10 Pounds in 1775 corner to Henry Campbell near Border Track. It goes on to list both Walter and Samuel as thithable homeowners in 1778 and 1782.

Samuel McChesney is in the DAR Patriot Index. It says he was born June 22, 1753 and died April 4, 1803. He married Susannah and was recognized for Patriotic Service in Virginia. He may have been a son or possibly Walter's brother.

The Princeton Art Guild 1987 Caldwell County, Kentucky yearbook recognizes two children of Walter McChesney and his wife, Isabella.
1. Mary McChesney, born about 1764 who was married in Rockbridge in the year 1782 to William Asherst.
2. Walter McChesney was born in Rockbridge County in 1772. He married Margaret Stevenson of South Carolina. He was called "the fourth child". The 1830 Caldwell County Census has Walter McChesney with wife and 8 children on page 150
There were at least 2 other children, names and dates unknown. They had a daughter who lived in Lexington Kentucky. Not sure where that info is from.
Sources for the 1987 yearbook information are Caldwell county court, Census, Cemetery, Marriage and Church records.

From The History of Rockbridge County other McChesney’s found there at the same time as Walter and Isabella were
Robert McChesney who wed Elizabeth Johnston in 1792
James McChesney who wed Sarah Patterson. On Border Track in 1784. According to Marriages of Some Virginia Residences 1607 – 1800 by Dorothy F. Wellfeck, James married Elizabeth Johnston before 1800.
Hugh McChesney who wed Joanna Haven or Hanen.
Robert McChesney who wed Jane Hall (another Robert or 2nd marriage?)
Martha McChesney

The Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787 by Fothergill lists a number of McChesney's in Rockland Ct (??There is no Rockland County). They are Isabella, Samuel and James. Walter McChesney must have died between 1782 when he was a thithable homeowner and 1787. In the next county, Augusta are listed James and Robert McChesney.

It is not known where Walter is buried.  It is likely that Isabella lived to at least 1801 when the deed mentioned above was enacted.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where was Walter born?
    2. Who were his parents?
    3. Get the will that left Walter's land to "his son Samuel"
    4. What were the names of the other children?
    5. What happened to Isabella?


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