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Mary Osborn was born about 1655 to Richard Osborn and wife unknown.  She was born probably in Fairfield Connecticutt.  According to the Families of Old Fairfield, Richard Osborn received a Colonial grant of 80 acres in May 1671 for service in Peguot War.  It stated he moved to Fairfield by 1652 from New Haven and then moved on to Westchester NY by 1682.  It was recorded that on Nov. 25, 1678 Thomas Bedient received a gift of land in Fairfield from his father-in-law, Capt. Richard Osborn.

It is believed that Mary wed Thomas Bedient about 1675 in Fairfield.  Her father, widowed by this time married Thomas' mother Mary Barnard Bedient Townsend by 1677.  She had been widowed twice, the last time in 1675.

 Fairfield Ct, Conn is on the Long Island Sound just west of Bridgeport

There were two court documents by Richard Osburne in Westchester Co NY noted in Wills of Early Residents of Westchester Co. NY 1664-1784. On Dec. 4, 1684 numbered as 717, "Richard Osburne makes over all his lands, etc., to Thomas Bedient of Woodbury, Conn and Mordecay Bedient of Westchester. 'All said lands being formerly held and possessed by Mordecay Bedient, deceased, and Mary his wife, (afterwards called Mary Townsend) and Roger Townsend.' Excepting a certain piece of land and meadow on Dormonds Island. And he is 'to have a home and maintenance according to his Quality.' And they are to keep for him a good horse, saddle and bridle, and he is to have two barrels of cider, yearly, and the use of one acre of land. They are to pay 50 pounds to Abigail Bedient daughter of Thomas Bedient and furnish 2 good cows to Elizabeth Osburne, daughter of said Richard Osburne."

Before 1680 his brothers Mordecai and John relinquished their rights to the estate of their parents. "On April 22 1685, Mordecai Bedient conveyed to brother Thomas Bedient all rights to estate of Richard Osborn late deceased or Mary his wife. Thomas agreed to pay to his own daughter Abigail, 50 pounds and give cows to Osborn's daughter Elizabeth." On July 26, 1686, "John Bedient of Westchester conveyed to Thomas Bedient lands formerly possessed by Mordecai Bedient dec'd and by Mary his wife and Roger Townsend, lately in the tenure of Richard Osborn." From History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield Vol I, compiled by Donald Lines Jacobus.

From Wills of Early Residents of Westchester County New York 1664-1784 #726 we learn that Thomas Bedient sold land situated on Betts Neck in 1686 to Jasper Smith. Was this the land noted above? Betts Neck could not be located on the available Westchester maps.

Thomas and his family lived for some unknown period of time in Woodbury Conn, but by 1697 he had moved to Fairfield Conn on Long Island Sound. His life in Woodbury needs research.

On Sept. 27, 1697 the town of Fairfield granted Thomas Bedient the liberty to erect a grist mill on the Mill river. Page 355 of the Town Minutes, 1689-1734 found at the Fairfield Historical Society. The mill was erected on Herdsmans Island, a small island in the river where sheep were herded there each night to protect them from roaming wolves and dogs. It is of historical significance because it is the last remaining tidal mill which worked with the movement of the tides. The original mill burned in 1702. It was rebuilt with a new owner and the history of the mill continues with burnings, rebuilding, becoming a Tavern and currently hosting office and apartments. It is an attractive site and a number of news articles have been written about the site. They are found at the Fairfield Historical Society.

Thomas died intestate in Fairfield county, CN in 1698. Mary was his administratrix. Mary Osborne Bedient, the widow, reported back to the Court in Fairfield Ct on July 21, 1699 that distribution had been ordered to one son and six daughters, all under age. The children we can name are:
Mary Bedent born about 1682  - Note - I can find no documentation to substantiate this claim.  Needs confirmation.
Grace Bedent born about 1690 wed John Segar in 1713
John Bedent born May 28, 1695 wed Abigail Walling
Dorothy Bedent born about 1698, baptized in 1701 in Fairfield
Abigail Bedient
2 unknown daughters - probably grown and gone by the time their father died.

Thomas' twin brother Morgan was living in Monmouth County NJ. At least the Catchings' book states Morgan died there, though no date is given. If we assume he is living there in 1698, it could have been understandable for his niece Mary Bedient to move or visit there. That would put young Mary in Monmouth County to meet John Baird and marry him about 1699.

Mary Bedient is noted in the land records until Aug 19, 1730 when "Mary Bedient of Fairfield sold to Henry Stevens of Stratford 1/2 acres in the lot .....NW by lot which my husband purchased of Samuel Ward...(in 1697,   from Old Fairfield, Mill Pain Section Parcel C. Vol 4, page 448.

It is not known when she died or where she is buried.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Find documentation that connects Mary Bedient to Thomas Bedient and Mary Osborn.

2.  When was Mary Osborn  born?

3.  What was her mother's name?

4.  When did she die?

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