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 Unfortunately, Thomas is no longer part of our family tree. 


Thomas Seabrook, was born about 1645 in England. The Monmouth County Historical Society has a Seabrook file. It contained information said to be compiled from family records and from a Seabrook grave plot in the Fair View Cemetery, Red Blank NJ. This material stated that "Thomas Seabrook, an Englishman, and progenitor of the New Jersey family was killed 1675". At that time his wife had borne him only two or three children. Thus it is believed he was a young man.

It is not known when Thomas immigrated to the colonies, nor just where he arrived. However, many of the 17th century immigrants to New England went first to Massachusetts and then made their way down to the Long Island Sound, Fairfield Ct and Westchester NY. There is family history found on the web in Family Tree Maker reported by ancestors of Stanley Frances Rhodes and Lori Elizabeth Chester of Alice Seabrook who was born April 23, 1587 in Hertfordshire, England. She married Thomas Sherwood and in 1634 they sailed to Mass. She died 1639 in Fairfield Connecticut. No connection between the two Seabrooks has been made, but it is highly possible.

Thomas Seabrook wed Mary about 1665-70. states on that her name was Mary Herbert, but there is no proof..

Thomas and Mary had children. There was at least one son to pass on the name Seabrook. The Monmouth papers name:
1. The first son is not named.
2. "James Seabrook, the 2nd son of Thomas and Mary wed Hannah Grover".

Slassen names only one child, Daniel Seabrook.

Thomas and his young family were living in Westchester in 1675. Two depositions are recorded in Wills of Early Residents of Westchester County New York 1664-1784 by William S. Pelletveaw A.M. They give names of places, which have long been swallowed by greater New York City.

"Thomas Seabrook, Westchester died intestate Dec. 17, 1675"

"The deposition of John Clarke of Westchester, aged 29, states that 'when there was an alarm of Indians, being at Castle Hill last summer, loaded with ammunition, he was a sojourner in the house of Thomas Seabrook and was commanded among others to go to Capt. Osburns house, and at his going away, he, the said Thomas Seabrooke, took his wife, (now present widow Seabrooke) by the hand in the door, as he was going out, and said "Wife I am going out, I know not but I may be knocked on the head. If I never come again I give all that I have to thee.' And further said to this deponent. 'Pray take notice what I say.' Sworn before me John Pell, May 15, 1676"

"Deposition of Penelope Cook, aged about 50. That 'Thomas Seabrook being some time last winter at Consider Woods, declared he was going over to Long Island, and said that whenever he did dye he would made his wife executor and give her all he had."

"Letters of Adm granted to wife Mary, May 20, 1676" from Liber 1, page 139  The estate was listed as "1 house and home lot, 9 acres in field, and 12 acres of meadow."  I wonder how field differs from meadow.

The Monmouth papers state that Thomas Seabrook had already purchased land in the Monmouth County, NJ but not moved the family there. After his death his widow, Mary Seabrook married a second time to Thomas Whitlock. They moved the family to Shoal Harbor, NJ and built a house known as the Seabrook Homestead. Descendants of the Seabrook family lived in the house into the early 1900's. On the material copied at the Monmouth County Historical Society was a note "Spy House". It was probably referring to the Seabrook Homestead. Shoal Harbor was renamed Port Monmouth. The material went on to say that "the house is still standing, though the property between it and the Bay have been washed away. It is now the Seabrook-Wilson House and is a Historical Museum.

Thomas Seabrook was probably buried in Westchester NY.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. When was and where was Thomas born?
2.  Who were his parents
3. When did he immigrant to America?
4. When and when did he marry Mary?
5. What are the names and birth dates of all their children?



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