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Nimrod Street was born between 1784 and 1790. He was the youngest son of Thomas & Lucy Street. Thomas left a will in Rutherford Ct North Carolina. It was written August 23, 1795 and proved January 1, 1800. In the will he left "youngest son, Nimrod, 1 horse, valued at 15 pounds when he comes of age." This is in the Abstract of Wills of Rutherford Ct. by C.H. Davis

Nimrod Street married Catherine Parrack about 1807 in North Carolina. The Enoch name is one that has passed down through the family as the mother of Katherine Street. However, the Street Bulletin Board on the Web states that Nimrod Street, youngest son of Thomas and Lucy Street married Catherine Parrack, sister to Basil Parrack of Rutherford Ct.

The 1810 North Carolina Census list Nimrod Street in Rutherford County. At that time the household was listed thus:
1 male 16 - 26 years old - ( Nimrod).
1 female 16 - 26 years old -  (Catherine)
1 son under 10
1 daughter under 10
1 man 26 - 45 years old - We don't know who this is.

We have found no 1820 census on this family.

In 1823 Nimrod Street bought land on the Tradewater River in Union Ct, Kentucky. The Union County Deed Book D 1828 1830 contains the sale on December 26, 1829 of 50 acres on the Caney fork of Tradewater. The owners were Nimrod Street and Caty, his wife.

By 1830 the family growth is shown on the Union County Census:
1 male 40-50  (Nimrod)
1 female 40-50 (Catherine)
2 sons 15 - 20 (Thomas, James)
2 sons under 5
1 female 15-20
2 females 10 - 16 (Sarah, Elizabeth)
1 females 5- 10 (Catherine)
1 female under 5

Nimrod died some time before April 21, 1838.  On the 1840 Union County Census the head of household is Catherine Street with following family:
1 woman over 40
2 sons 10-20
1 son under 10 (Known to be Simon)
1 female 20 - 40
1 female 10 20 (known to be Catherine)
1 female under 10

                                        Their daughter Sarah Street married Eli Melton in 1838. The bond was placed on April 21, 1838 and Sarah was named as daughter of Catherine Street                                                 widow of Nimrod Street. Her uncle James Parrack put up the bond. Kentucky, County Marriage Records, 1783-1695, union county 1827 - 1842

                                        It is very probable that the 2 children listed on the 1810 Census have grown and left home by 1830. That means Katherine and Nimrod had at least 13 children.                                         The only names I knew were the youngest daughter, Catherine Street born in 1832 and her sister Elizabeth Jane, age unknown and a son Simon also born in                                                 1832.. He may be a twin to Katherine. Elizabeth Jane and Catherine both married Blackburns in Caldwell County, KY.  The Blackburn marriages to the                                             Street sisters were noted in an article for the Caldwell newspaper by William H. Wilson under Historical Tidbits - The Blackburn Family. Lewis was W.W.'s                                             uncle. Sarah and her husband Eli Melton, Simon and Mary from Union Co. KY Marriage records copied by Ella E. Smith. A Street researcher gave the                                                 names of Thomas, his wife Minerva and brother James.

Putting all this information together we come up with the children of Catherine and Nimrod Street to be:
1. Female born about 1808 - gone by 1830
2. Male born about 1808 - gone by 1830
3. Female born about 1810
4. Thomas Street born about 1812 wed Minerva Butts
5. James Street born about 1815
6. Sarah Street born about 1817 wed Eli Melton 1838
7. Elizabeth Jane Street born about 1819 wed Lewis Blackburn 1847
8. Catherine Street born 1822 wed William Washington Blackburn 1845
9. Male born about 1825
10. Male born about 1827
11. Female born about 1829 - gone by 1840
12. Simon born 1832 wed Mary Susan Ann Randolph. He died 1875.
13. Female born 1836 - gone by 1850

Catherine lived to be over 91 years of age, living with various daughters in her old age. We do not know where either Nimrod or Catherine are buried.  


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. When did he marry Katherine?

2. What were the names and birth dates of all their children?

3. When did he die?

4. Where is he buried?


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