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 There are a lot of stories and trees about the Yeo family online.  None of the names or dates quite work.  But  I can make a few statements that I believe are true.

The Yeo family was a large and important family in Devon that can be traced to the 14th century there. 

There are connections to the Triplett family that came early to Virginia in the 17th century.  I'm sure Jone Yeo was real.  But it is hard to pin her down. 

However, there does seem to be one Devon Deed
     "  In 1542 property in Myddlecot,in the parish of Black Torrington was released by Hugh Prust, gent to Johanna Yeo wid and her son Humphrey Yeo.
        In 1546 this deed was taken out
                    Calendar of Deeds - Exeter Record Office 30413 Dated 1546

       Indented writing by Hugh Prust, Humphrey Coles, Thomas Hex, Robert Pollard, Richard Burgen and Richard Chaunterell that Humphrey Yeo, gent, and
       Johanna wife of John
Tryplet, gent, held one mess. and 5 closes of land in Mydelcot, otherwise West Myddelcot, in the parish of Black Torrington,1 close
       called the Woodelakem Le Langclose, North Quarry, Stonepark, Le Southclose to hold for 60 years if said Humphrey and Joane live so long with reversion
       to the above named parties and release by them to Robert Yeo of Heanton Then to Robert Yeo, Humphrey Weaver (Wheeler?), William Hechyne if they
       live for 60 years same lives."

I don't understand what it says BUT it clearly states that Johanna is wife of John Tryplet AND that she is entitled to the same something, I think property, as Humphrey Yeo.

So this may be Johanna, widow Yeo now married to John Tryplet OR a sister to Humphrey Yeo, Johanna married to John Tryplet.   The way it is written, I would guess that Jone had married first Yeo, possibly William and they had a son Humphrey. As he is a gentleman in 1542 they must have wed at least by 1525 and maybe earlier.  Her husband dies before 1542 and by 1546 she has remarried to John Tryplet.

Eventually members of this family, and possibly our Jone and John moved to London.  Then later generations emigrated to Virginia.  The problem is to get clear documentation on each generation to connect our Devonshire family with the Rappananhock Virginia family of the future.




If you know the answer please CONTACT US

  1. Get proof of her birthname.
  2. Get documentation for everything
  3. Ditto for her marriage
  4. Were their other children?
  5. Get original land records.
  6. Where and when did she die?



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