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Ann Douglass was born about 1725. Her parents are unknown but it is suggested that she was born in Scotland.

The book "Delaware Biographies" states that Ann Douglass of St. Georges Hundred married Robert Morrison of White Clay Hundred about 1750. The "Hundreds" are areas of New Castle County, Delaware. We get another version from The History of the Morison, Morrison Family by Leonard Allison Morrison, chapter XIX, an online book.  In that history, the story goes that in 1747 Robert Morrison had hauled wood to sell from his father's farm in an ox-cart to New Castle. There he met Annie Douglass, about to return to her native Scotland.  He proposed, she accepted and they were married immediately.  "..the bride and groom returned to Whiteclay Creek farm in all the pomp and grandeur which a coach in the shape of a cart drawn by oxen would allow."  Soon there after Robert removed to New Castle where he became a merchant.

This implies that she was in the colony without family.  It is not known what connection she had to St. Georges.

The "Delaware Biographies" list the children of Ann Douglass and Robert Morrison and the History agrees mostly and adds birthdates. The differences in names are in ( ) for those listed in the History. They are
1. Isaac Morrison  born 1748, became a doctor he died in 1791
2. Daniel (or David) Morrison, born 1753, he was a soldier in the war of 1776 He died in 1829.
3. Martha (or Ann) Morrison,
born 1756. she died in 1823.
4. Susan (or Susannah)Morrison
born 1759, died in 1799.
5. Robert Morrison, born about 1763(or 1760) and died Sept 30, 1848.
6. Douglass Morrison born 1765 and the only one to marry. He married Elizabeth Wilson.

Ann and Robert Morrison sold 170 acres in 1780 according to the New Castle Recorder of Deeds, Book D2, page 473. It was on the south side of White Clay Creek in both White clay and Mill Creek Hundreds. I believe this could be near Stanton.  As well as four acres "being in the great marsh or meadow at the northwest end of the town of New Castle."

  She died sometime after 1780.


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