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Neal Morrison was born 1690-1700 on a farm in White Clay Creek Hundred of  New Castle Delaware.  He was the son of Hugh Morrison. His mother is unknown but she may have been ?  Neal. There is a History of the Morrison Family by Leonard Allison Morrison & FWL Thomas,  In chapter XIX, page 420 under "Delaware Branch".  It states on page 421 that Neal's mother was the aunt of  Rev. Daniel Neal.  He had written the "History of the Puritans and of New England."  However, seeking the story of Daniel Neal, both parents died while he was very young and he was raised by his maternal uncle.  So that idea may not work. His name was spelled either Neal or Neil on documents.

The farm was in the family for many generations. -  the patent was purchased by Neal's father, Hugh Morrison in 1670.  At that time New Castle was one of the 'three southern counties" of Pennsylvania.  So the patent is held in the PA. Land office in Harrisburg PA.  The farm continued in the family for 7 generations.   It contained 170 acres and  lay on the south side of White Clay Creek near present day Ogletown.

Neil Morrison was the eldest son of Hugh.  It is not known who he married.   Their only known child was  Robert Morrison born about 1723.   There may have been other children, unknown at this time. 

Neil Morrison is noted in Scharfe's History of Delaware, pg 919  as a member of the White Clay Creek Presbyterian Congregation that received the deed for the "Present church" on May 25, 1752. Generations  of the family is buried in it's cemetery. 

Scharfe on pg 934 notes that on Aug. 25, 1767, 454 acres in the White Clay Creek Hundred survey was divided among 5 owners,  Neil Morrison received 50 acres.That     track was noted on the 1804 Assesment List being owned by Douglass,  David and Robert Morrison, all grandsons of Neil.

It is not known when Neil died, but it would have been soon after that 50 acres became his.  According to the History of the Morrison Family, his son returned to the farm when his father died, while his youngest child, Douglass was still an infant.  Douglass Morrison was born in 1765.  Neil is probably buried in the old cemetery of White Clay Presbyterian Church, which I understand is on a hill above the current churches location.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1.  Who was Neal's wife and when did they wed.
2.  Were there more than one child born to Neil
3.  When did he die
4.  There is suppose to be a will dated 1752 where he left all to his brothers, find it.

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