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      The Nash family were early Irish immigrants on the Eastern shore of Maryland.  They may have been Quaker or became Quaker after their arrival.  The Quakers in Virginia were not tolerated.  Some stayed and took it, but many moved into Maryland.  The Nash family were among the first settlers to move up the Chesapeake Bay to Kent Island. Kent Island is the current eastern base of the Bay Bridge to Annapolis on the western shore.

      Richard  Nash was very active on the eastern shore between  1670 - 1680.  There are numerous court records that attest to the fact of his being there. But how he got there and from where is mostly taken from a book  Nashes of Ireland by Anna Catherine Smith Pabst, of Delaware Ohio, written about 1963.  the subtitle is "Richard and Alexander Nash of Eastern Shore and their Allied families 1200-1956".   The brothers are also named in Early Settlers of Maryland (1633-1680) by Gust Skordas.  I'll state the source for this below.

      Richard Nash was born, but I don't know where, when or who his parents were.  There are online guesses that state he was born about 1644.  It could be no later than that, and I would be more comfortable with "about 1640".  Mrs. Pabst research led her to the conclusion on page 16, that he came from the Clare Limerick section of Ireland, but that, as they were Catholic, and therefore banned, "no records of marriages, births, deaths were made."  County Limerick is just south of County Clare.

      There was a Richard Nash, bound to John White, mariner on Aug. 31, 1658, to serve 8 years in Barbardos.  I like this as a possibility because
      1.  in a later court record Richard Nash is said to be a "boatwright", 
      2.  he would be about the right age
      3.  It was a normal immigrant route.
      This is from Peter Wilson Coldham, complete List of Emigrants 1607 - 1680.

      Interestingly, Mr. Coldham also notes that on Nov. 6, 1660, Elizabeth Webster was bound to Richard Nash of Bristol, soap boiler, to serve 4 years in BarbadosBristol was a busy seaport in Barbados, already 30 years old at that time.  So this could be our Richard Nash, doing well enough to employ others.  Was he the soap boiler, or was that what she was bound to do?  

      The next we find a  Richard Nash is in Anne Arundel County Maryland in 1661. Re The Calvert Papers #883, page 177 from the Rent Rolls, of Anne Arundel county 1651- 1718 held at the Maryland Historical Society.  "Richard Nash, 1661  Nashes Rest 200 acres.  Surveyed the 24th of Oct. 1661 for John Collett in Patapsco River in Bear Creek, possessed by William Dennis, rent per annum, 4."

      A number of questions arise from this document.  What was Richard Nash's role in this property?  It was surveyed for someone else, possessed by someone else?   It would appear that William Dennis was paying the rent - to R. Nash?  In 1661 or is the first 1661 wrong?  Did he pay off his bondage in Barbardos early?  What isn't at question is that Anne Arundel is a short boat ride from Kent Island, where we know he settled, at least for a time.

      Richard Nash married Ann, sometime before April 20, 1670 and after Oct. 1669.  The Kent County Maryland Court Proceedings 1647-1676 notes that "Richard Nash, boatwright, of the Island of Kent, appointed his wife Ann Nash to be his lawful attorney in his absence .  April 20, 1670"  Her birth name may have been Ann Wheeler.

        There is a Kent County Court record for June  20, 1670, need book and page,  it states "Ann, wife of  Richard Nash ..... a gift of hers in her former husbands life, Mr. Richard Blunt, of a heiffer by her given unto Abell the sonn of John Maggison.  Then it said Richard Blunt buried Sept 16, 1669,  Thomas, son of Ann Blunt buried Oct. 31, 1669. "   What a tough time for Ann, but not unusual.

      So far, the maiden name of Ann is unknown.  There are assertions that her name was Wheeler, but I have been unable to confirm that.

      Maryland Calendar of Wills, by Baldwin, Vol I  On April 14, 1671 the will for Tobias Apelford of Kent Island was filed.  Richard Nash was the Executor and residuary legaee of the estate.   I do not know what the relationship was between the two men or what the estate consisted of.

      Skordas in his Early Settlers of Maryland, notes that liber 17, folio 26, 68 held in Md Historical Society show that Richard Nash was transported in 1672.  I believe this must be when they left Kent Island and moved to Cecil County further up the bay.

      From the Calvert paper page 884, and Index to Rent Rolls of Cecil county page 131  High Park, 200 acres, was surved jan 1, 1676 for Richard Nash on the south side of the Bohemia River.   A Patent Certificate for this same land was create for Richard Nash, 1683, "not complete". Lib 19, folio 580. Probably not complete because he had died.  However, I have a further note that the land was patent, under Richard Nash name, 1734. Lib C#3, folio 274  This would be his son.
      Richard and Ann Nash had 2 children, both probably born on Kent island before the move to Cecil County.
      1.  Richard Nash, born 1670-1672
      2.  Thomasin Nash, born 1670-1672

      Richard Nash, may have become ill in 1679.  He makes out his will, April 28, 1679.   re Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol I (maybe IV, it is hard to read my writing) by Baldwin.  It is proved October 25, 1680.  It is witnessed by Jonathan Linssly and Robert Kimble.  He names to :
      *brother Alexander Nash,  Personality
      *John Linsys, Personality
      *Hugh Foucke, Jr.   150 acres on the Elk river
      *Grace Chessell,    100 acres of the same track
      **wife (unnamed)    residuary legatee
      * son Richard
      * daughter Thomasin

      Naming his brother, son and daughter was greatly appreciated.  However, there are questions raised:
      1.  I'm assuming the Jonathan Linssly and John Linsys are the same person.  But they may not be.
      2.  What is Personality?  It seems to be their legacy.
      3.  Who were Grace Chessell, Hugh Foucke and John LinsysAnn had a daughter Grace by Richard Blunt who would have been mid teens by this time, Had she married young?
       4.   Ann had another known daughter, April. What had happened to her?

         Richard Nash died shortly before October 25, 1680.  Leaving Ann a widow with 6 living children between the ages of 18 and 10.  Richard obviously had property, but I don't know how much.  250 acres are mentioned in the will, but what the residuary is I don't know.  I could not find Ann Nash selling any property.  I also do not know if she had a  will, or when she died.

         His brother, Alexander Nash, still lived in Kent County Maryland.  His will was written Oct. 30, 1676 and proved  less than a year after his brother.  I do not have the documentation source.  If you do, please contact me.  He leaves his home to his niece, Thomasin Nash, and the residue of his estate to the Quaker Church.  Very nice that we have the connection clear between the families.  This was the first mention of the Quakers.  Thomasin later became a member of the Anglican  church. It was believed that the brothers left Ireland as Catholic. What is the story there?


          If you know the answer please CONTACT US

      1.   When and where was he born?
      2.   Who were his parents
      3.   Had he been married before Ann?
      4.   What were all his property holdings?
      5.    What is the source for Alexander's will?
      6.    How did the Quakers influence the brothers?


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