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      The Nash family were early Irish immigrants on the Eastern shore of Maryland.  They were probably Quaker.  The Quakers in Virginia were not tolerated.  Some stayed and took it, but many moved into Maryland.  The Nash family were among the first settlers to move up the Chesapeake Bay to Kent Island. Kent Island is the current eastern base of the Bay Bridge to Annapolis on the western shore.

      Thomasin Mary Nash was born on Kent Island about 1671.  Her parents were Richard Nash and Ann Wheeler Blunt.  The will of Richard Nash, written in 1679, names his daughter Thomasin, re Maryland Calandar of Wills, Vol I (maybe IV, it is hard to read my writing) by Baldwin.

      Thomasin's mother's mother may have been named Thomasine.  Perhaps that is where the curious name comes from.  However, Thomasin's mother had a son, Thomas, who died within a year or two of when Thomasin was born. 

      Thomasin Nash wed William Bouldin by 1688.  They lived in Cecil county, the northeast corner of Maryland.   The Cecil County Anglican church was St. Stephens established in 1692.  Records exist from 1693. They contain some records that predate the church, such as their first child, born Jan 1689.  I've spelled the names as they are in the church records.  The family continues to this day in the same area, but they have settled on Boulden as the spelling of the name.
      All the known children are:

      1.  Mary Bolden, born Jan 2, 1689 re St. Stephens church records
      2.  Richard Bolden, born Dec. 5, 1693, baptised Oct. 24, 1697    "
      3.  Elizabeth Bolden, born July 3, 1696, baptised Oct. 24, 1697    "
      4.  William Boulding, born June 29, 1704, twin                              "
      5.  Alexander Boulding, born June 29, 1704, twin                         "
      6.  Thomas Boulding, born Jan 15, 1706                                       "
      7.  Samuel Boulding, born Jan 7, 1709, buried Feb. 27, 1714       "
      8.  James Boulding, born Sept 4, 1712                                         "

      On Nov. 10, 1702 William and Thomasin Boulding of Cecil County purchased a plantation from Thomas Browning.  It contained 100 acres on the western side of Scotchman's creek and the south side of the Bohemia River.  from Abstracts of Cecil county Maryland Land Records, 1673 - 1751. by June D. Brown, Deed liber D, page 228.  That area is now called Hack Point.

      It is not known when either Thomasin or William Boulding died.  There is a cemetery at St. Stephen's and I would guess they are buried there, but I do not known that nor have I found it in the records.



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  1.         When was she born?
  2.         When did she married William?
  3.         When did she die?
  4.          Is there a will for either Thomasin or William Boulding?


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