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Catherine Ann Taylor was born March 14, 1864.  from Riverside Cemetery Wilmington De. tombstone and 1900 Delaware Census confirms March 1864.  Her parents were Robert Taylor and Ann Kelley who lived in Mill Creek Hundred New Castle County in 1870 re Delaware Census 1870.  She was the 4th of 7 known children to the Taylor couple.  Robert Taylor owned and lived next to a mill on Pike Creek very near the intersection and bridge of Old Coach Rd.  There are some structural characteristics in the Pike Creek stream bed that can be seen from the bridge.  Perhaps that is where the mill was located.  On a Beers map the home was just up Pike creek on the first wide spot between the road and the creek.   

Sometime between 1880 and 1885,   Catherine Ann Taylor married John Cooper Boulden, both of Delaware.  John and Catherine had four children.  They were
Etta Cooper Boulden, born Jan 1886, died Dec. 31, 1973
Robert Taylor Boulden, born April 17, 1889, died Aug. 21 1889
Grace M. Boulden, born Jan 1893, died after 1973.  She wed Donald van Trump of Wilmington DE.
Mary Helen Boulden, born Feb. 24, 1894, died Dec. 18, 1900

I have a note that the family attended the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmington.  However, when Etta was married in the manse of Central Presbyterian church which was on Van Buren in Wilmington in 1910.

In 1887 the John Cooper Boulden family were living in Wilmington DE with his mother, Mary Helen Boulden.  They ran a boarding house.  The 1887 Wilmington City Directory, page 88 has Mary Helen listed with boarding house, 810 Market St  John Boulden is living there also. His listing said  "in boarding and sales at 310 Shipley St,
home 810 Market St".  The Grand Opera House was in full operation then at 818 Market St.  According to the 1900 Census noted below states he had a child in 1886, so his wife and daughter must have also been at 810 Market St.

The 1888-1895 City Directories do not list John C. Boulden in Wilmington though his mother continued to run a boarding house at different locations.  The 1900 census noted below suggests he was in PA with him family. 

They returned by 1894 and in 1895 lived at 714 Madison Av.  In 1900 they had moved to 844 Madison Av. and by 1904 they were living at 1101 W. 7th St . where they stayed for at least 20 years.

The family in 1900 was listed on Del Census, Ward #5, Ed 18, page 7B, on roll T623_154: living at 844 Madison AV.
John C. Boulden head born Oct 1854, age 46, born MD as were both parents, he was a foreman in a car shop.
Catherine A. " wife, born March 1864, age 36, born DE, Father born England, mother born DE
Etta C. " dau, born Jan 1886, age 14, born DE
Grace M. " dau Jan 1893, age 7, born PA
Mary N. " dau born Feb. 1894, age 6, born DE

One very interesting personal note comes from the book N.C. Wyeth, A Biography by David Michaelis, published in 1998 by Knopf.  N.C. Wyeth as the first of the Wyeth family painters.  In 1904 N.C. Wyeth was courting a young woman with the usual ups and downs.  Into this rather involved story comes the statement on page 97,  that his girl "learned that the night before Valentines Day he had accompanied Blanche Swayne and Etta Boulden, the daughters of his landlady and boardinghouse cook, to the theather."   This implies that Catherine A cooked, perhaps in her mother-in-law's boarding house.

The 1910 Wilmington Census,  Roll T624_146, page 16B, ED 32  states clearly that the family runs a boarding house.  The household holds 3 boarders and Grace M. Boulden is the only daughter at home.

John and Catherine Boulden continued at 1101 W. 7th St until 1920 with daughter GraceWilmington Delaware 1920 Census, Ward 5, Roll:T625_201, page 64. He is listed as a General Contractor Hauling line.  Grace is a teacher in a public school, and Catherine worked in a Boarding House.  The census was taken in January of 1920. 

John Cooper died in June 1920.   He is buried at Riverview Cemetery with a number of Bouldens and Pennocks.  His tombstone is shared by all.  His section reads  "John C. Boulden Oct 20 1854 - June 9, 1920".  In November of that year, Catherine paid to have their deceased children moved to Riverview Cemetery from White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  Unfortunately, records from White Clay were destroyed in a fire.  Catherine never remarried and lived until November 12, 1944.  She is also buried at Riverview.  She was known in the younger family as Ma Boulden.


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