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Nancy Reddick was born about 1755 perhaps in Bertie County, North Carolina. At this point we can only guess at who her parents were. The Colonial Bertie County, Volume V note that a John & Ann Reddit were witnesses to a deed sold in 1751. The NC Taxpayers 1701-1786 by Clarence E. Rutcliff lists Josiah Redditt and Peter Redditt to be taxpayers in Bertie County in 1769. There were numerous Reddicks in other counties during the same time period. So, much work is still to be done to establish Nancy's parents.

Josiah Nichols is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. It states that Josiah was a soldier in a NC company during the Revolution. It also says he married first Mary and second Nancy. In the Caldwell County Kentucky history room there is a Nichols Family File. It states that Josiah Nichols wed "Nancy maybe Reddick?" in Wake County, NC. We have found no confirmation of Mary, but Nancy Reddick is found a number of times. Plus the Reddick name continues through the line.

We will guess that Josiah married Nancy Reddick about 1772. All must be confirmed. The names of children of Josiah and Nancy given by the Nichols Family File and the Caldwell County KY History are:
1. Noah born 1773 married Mrs. Sarah Early.
2. Reddick born 1774 married Celia Jenkins
3. Eli born 1776 married Christian Haile.
4. William born 1777married 1st Lavinia Goodwin, 2nd Mary Price.
5. Wright
6. Nathaniel
7. Brittain
8. Meley
9. Viney
10. Ester
11. Elizabeth

Bertie County is in the Northeast on the Albemarle Sound between two major NC rivers, the Roanoke and Chowan. Wake County is more central at Raleigh, NC.

We begin to pick up deed activities in Wake County in 1792 where Josiah Nichols had moved his family. The Wake County NC Deed Abstract states that Eli Nichols witnessed a deed transfer on June 14, 1799.

 The Caldwell County Kentucky History tells this story "In the early 1800's six brothers whose ancestors had come from England in the 1600's migrated from NC to Caldwell County, Kentucky. They were Rev. Noah Nichols, Reddick, Wright, Nathaniel, William and Eli. Noah came in a large wagon. The others came in two-horse carts or walked. Included were three Price brothers: James, Irwin, and Thomas. They settled near Lewistown, KY and at Lisman, KY first." Lewistown is in Caldwell County, east of Princeton. Lisman is in Webster County just north of Caldwell Ct.

Josiah Nichols is listed in the 1800 Census of Wake County, NC. In 1802 Eli was getting married in Kentucky. The sons had all moved to Kentucky but Josiah stayed in NC. We do not know when Nancy died but it would have probaby been after 1790.

The NC Wills, Testator Index states that the will for Josiah Nichols was recorded in Wake County Record Book 18/244 in August 1823. The will is held in the State Archives. The will needs to be read.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Who were her parents?

2. Read the NC census 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1820.

3. Confirm the marriage of Nancy Reddick and Josiah Nichols.

4. Get a copy of the will.


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