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Christian Haile was born in 1784 perhaps in Halifax County, North Carolina. Her parents were  Jesse Haile and Maryann  Mary Ann's birth name is currently unknown. Christian was named in her father's will, Caldwell County Ky Will Book B., page 117

On July 16, 1802 in Christian County, Kentucky Christian Haile (or Hail or Hale) married Eli Nichols. We have a copy of the Marriage bond. Nathan Haile and Eli Nichols signed the bond. Attached is a note that states "Mr. John Clark, Sir, I am willing you should grant Eli Nichols marriage license for my daughter Christian...." and it is singed Nathan Haile and Maryann Haile. This was found in Early Kentucky Marriages.  Another source states that Nathan Haile is Maryann's son.  It is believed by some who are researching this family, that Jesse was unable to attend and his son signed for him.  Whatever it was that kept him from signing, it was not fatal.  He lived to be near 90 years old.  

Christian County is just next to Caldwell County. The story found in The Caldwell County Kentucky History is that Eli's father and his five brothers moved to Caldwell County from Bertie County, NC. However, Josiah Nichols, Eli's father died and is buried in Wake county NC . So perhaps Eli was his representative in this family's move to Kentucky.

The 1810 Caldwell County Census lists the Eli Nichols family to be of 1 male 26-45, 1 female 16-26,
3 male children under 10 and 1 female child under 10.  They would be
Eli Nichols, age 35
Christian Haile Nichols, age 26
Wright Nichols, age 6
unknown daughter, age 2-5
Jesse Nichols, age less than 1
Josiah Nichols, age less than 1

By the 1820 Census the family had grown to 1 male 26-45, 1 female 26-45, 2 males 10-16, 2 males under 10,  1 female 10-16, 3 females under 10.  This implies that Jesse Nichols had died.
Eli Nichols, age 45
Christian Haile Nichols, age 36
Wright Nichols, age 16 or he is out on his own.
unknown daughter, age 10-16
Josiah Nichols, age 10
unknown son, age 5-9
Mary Ann Nichols, age 6
Elizabeth Nichols, age 5
unknown daugther, age 4-9
Aradnah Nichols, age 1-3 

The Kentucky Land Grants and Land Warrants by Willard Rouse Jillson state that Eli Nichols acquired 22 acres on May 1, 1823 in Caldwell county on the Fork of the Tradewater River. It may be found in Caldwell County Deed Book M, page 463.

Christian  Haile Nichols  had 3 more children after 1820.  They are listed on the 1830 census, but she had died sometime between 1827 and 1830. 

The 1830 Census states that the Eli Nichols family was 1 male 40-50, 2 males 15-20, 2 males 5-10, 2 females 10-20 and 1 female 5-10. Christian is not included.   Wright Nichols was married and on his own. The eldest unknown daughter is gone.  So the family was at that time:
Eli Nichols age - re the previous 2 census, and the 1850 census, he would have been 54/5  but they have him listed as 40-50.
Josiah Nichols age 20
unknown son, age 15-19
Mary Ann Nichols, age 16
Elizabeth Nichols, age 15
Aradnah Nichols, age 10 or he is older than 15.  He was listed in the Caldwell County History book, but I cannot find him anywhere else.
Anna Nichols, age 7
Eli Nichols II, age 5
Reddick Nichols, age 3

The Caldwell County History confuses history with the statement that she died in 1838. Eli had remarried in 1833 and his second wife, Sarah Salyer died in 1838.

In 1850 Jesse Hale, her father, died.  Jesse Hale's son, Sampson Hale had been named the executor of the estate but was too ill himself to carry out the duties required. He signed a document addressed to the county of Caldwell County, Kentucky authorizing Wright Nichols Sr. to act in his name. This is signed July 24, 1850. On August 29, 1850 Eli Nichols signs a note stating "I hereby release all right, title and interest in and to any bequest made to me or my wife Christian in the last will and testament of Jesse Hale Desc."
Jesse's will had been made 1824, when Christian was still alive.

The Caldwell County Library has a Nichols Family File in their historical library room. In the file is the record of the will for Eli Nichols that was probated on August 20, 1855. Ten children were named in the will plus a foster daughter that came into the family after Christian died.  The youngest of Eli's children, John was the son of Sarah Salyer.  Christian's children are listed below along with the name of the person they married according to the Caldwell County History
The birth years were derived at by a study of census from 1810 - 1880.  Re the early Census, she had another son and 2 daughter's not included in this list.
1.  Wright,  born about 1804. He wed Sally Louise Rhodes Nov. 27 1823. Died after 1870.
2. Jesse,
born 1810. 
3.  Josiah , born 1810 was Jesse's twin, wed Margaret Creekmur in 1844, died June 4, 1876.
4  Mary Ann, born 1814, wed David Eison 1837.
5.  Elizabeth, born c1815 wed George Clark in 1831
6 .Aradnah,, born 1817-1820,
7.  Anna,  born 1823
8.  Eli Jr.
born 1825 wed Narcissus Jane Dearing Lamb in 1870, died in 1903
9  Reddick
born  1827 wed Elizabeth Banks in 1852

The Caldwell County History states that Eli Nichols is buried in the Nichols Cemetery on Highway 278. It does not say where Christian is buried.




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