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Nathaniel Nichols was born about 1720 probably in England. His parents aren't known for sure but Ron Jones, in depth Nichols family researcher believes his parents to be
Richard & Martha Nicholas.

The Caldwell County, Kentucky History notes the genealogy of the Nichols family. I'm sure they were compiled from family stories handed down from the Kentucky settlers.
Six brothers had moved together about 1800 to Caldwell County from Bertie County, North Carolina.   The most distant ancestor noted in the genealogy was Nathaniel and Mary Nicholas. They were the grandparents of the six brothers. The History states that Nathaniel Nicholas was born in England. This Richard Nicholas was born in Virginia, but his roots were of England, so perhaps that is how Nathaniel was thought to be "from England".

Richard Nicholas was born about 1680 and may have been the son of Henry Nicholas

About 1715 Richard Nicholas married Martha, last name unknown.  They lived in Princess Anne County Virginia.  It is now Virginia Beach.   They had 2 sons, Nathaniel and Willis. 

Richard Nicholas died in 1721 and left a will.  I have not read it yet.  He indicated that his sons were not yet 21.  One witness to that will was Anthony Webb. It is believed that this is the same Anthony Webb that appears in the Bertie County Records noted below.  Bertie County is not far from present day Virginia Beach.  

Bertie County Court Minutes 1724-1762 provide an estimate of age for Nathaniel. 1741 is the first year his name appears. It was a busy year for Nathaniel. Docket #311, August 1741, shows that Nathaniel bought land from Anthony Webb. Docket #321, reports claim by Christainna Rasberry that Nathaniel Nicholas was father of her bastard child.  He was directed to pay for 1 year.

We do not know when or where Martha Nicholas died.  She made a Deed of Gift, but I do not know when.  I assume it was after Richard's death. I need to find that Deed.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Who were Richard Nicholas parents.
2. What was Martha's birth name.
3. Get a copy of the Richard's will.
4. Get a copy of Martha's deed of gift
5.  Were there any daughters?


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