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Actually, this story is a combination of family tale and supposition. We don't yet have proof. We know a Crickmur and a Culpepper were wed in Virginia and had immigrated to Kentucky by the early 1820s. The site in Virginia where a number of Crickmurs and Culpeppers could be found was Norfolk.

This piece of "The Story" is about the first two generations of Creekmans to be in Virginia. The link to our Kentucky Crickmurs is still missing.

The name has a number of variations. I will use the one that came with the documentation or story.

Frances Yates was born about 1640 in Norfolk Virginia. She was the daughter of John and Joane Yates. We know that Joane Yates immigrated to Virginia in 1636 with Richard and Mary. John Yates paid for their passage. He had arrived previously brought by William Barber, a mariner, of the Charles City Company. This is from Early Virginia Immigrates 1623 - 1666 by George Cabell Greer.

The Norfolk County, Virginia Deed book 6, on page 206, identifies Dorothy Creekmur as the daughter of George Ballentine who died 1702.

The Norfolk county Wills and Deeds Book E, page 11 further identifies Dorothy Ballentine as the granddaughter of Joane Yates who died in 1666. Therefore, we know that George Ballentine married the daughter of Joane Yates about 1650 and very likely in Norfolk, Virginia. According to, he wed Frances Yates in 1657 in Norfolk. And that they had the following children:
1. Frances
2. Daniel
3. David
4. Mary
5. Dorothy who wed John Creekmur 1679
6. George Jr.
7. Thomas
8. William
9. John
10. Richard
11. Alexander

In 1700 George Ballentine owned property in Norfolk county near the head of Deep Creek. He was described in Patent Book 9 as a neighbor of John Cherris.

We don't know when she died but it must have been at least as late as 1680 judging by the number of children.

The Virginia Genealogist 1966 contains a lengthy compilation of this family called Creekmore Notes compiled by Mabel Thornton and Elizabeth Wingo. This article contains some sketchy information on the Ballentines and Yates as well as all the bequests of John Creekmore's will.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. When did the Yates immigrate to the American colonies?

2. Where did they come from?

3. When and where did she die?


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