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Anna Hoeschel was christened April 14, 1594 in Bissingen an der Tech, Wurttenberg Germany.  His parents were Peter Hoeschel and Barbara, last name unknown.  This is from the church records recorded in Bissingen an der Teck, Donaukreis, Wuerttemberg Collection: Lutherisch, and FHS film 1055840.

The LDS library has a microfilm of the church records in Bissingen, FHL Film 1055840. It dates back to 1585. The German scrip is very hard to read and of course it is in German. We can scan the piece so you can attempt to see it also. Just click under Contact Us with the request. I now have a printout from the LDS set on CD of Western European Church Records that is easy to read.  The data in this story comes from that set.

Anna Hoeschel married Georg Holpp on June 16, 1612 in Bissingen an der Tech. Georg married first an unknown woman. The marriage records between 1590 - 1612 are not available.  It must have been a very short marriage as he was just 24 years old when he wed Anna Hoeschel.  The marriage records will state the father of the groom or bride, unless one was married before.  This time it gave Anna's fathers name and  "Husband previously married" .

Birth records for Bissingen an der Teck were interrupted about 1600 and did not begin again until 1680.  The only known child for Georg and Anna was:
Georg Holpp,  born about 1620.

There is probably much more information to be found on the microfilm with a careful reading. When the recorder wrote the names often an in was added to the woman's name i.e. Anna Holppin. The "in" is added to most names signifying the female.

 Georg Holpp died April 29, 1668.  Anne Hoeschel Holpp lived another 10 years.  She died in 1678.  FHL film 1055840.



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1.  What was her mother's maiden name?
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