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Anna Maria Kaelber was born about 1620 probably in Bissingen an der Tech, Wurttenberg Germany. Her father was  Hannss Kaelber.  Her mother is unknown. The village is south east of Stuttgart.

We know very little about Anna Maria.  But we do know that on Jan 24, 1641 Anna Maria Kaelber married Michael Batzlen at the Lutheran church in Bissingen an der Teck, Wuerttemberg.   FHL film 1055843 1612-1774.  The LDS library has a microfilm of the church in Bissingen. All the information here comes from this document.  It is now on CD Western European church Records

We also know that Michael and Anna Maria Batzlen had at least one child, and probably many more.
1. Anna Maria Batzlen  born  about 1647 married Georg Kaufmann Nov. 9 1669 in Bissingen an der TeckSame source already listed.

The marriage Records always list the fathers of those being married for the first time.  That was the case with Anna Maria Kaelber and Michael Batzlen.  Then again for
Anna Maria Batzlen when she married Georg Kaufmann.  I could find no other Batzlens that may have been Anna Maria and Michael's children, but they probably did have more than one.  

However, I did find that Michael Batzlen married April 11, 1654 Catharina Zehen.  Her father was given as Martin Zehen, but Michael was "husband previously married".

So we know that  Anna Maria Kaelber Batzlen died sometime before April 1654.




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1. Who was Anna Maria's mother?
2.  When was Anna Maria born?
3.  What were the names and birth dates of all her children?
4.  When did she die?


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