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Michael Kauffmann was born about 1625 in Bissingen an der Tech, Wurttenberg Germany.  However, we do not have much information on this man.  What we do have is |from Family History Library Film 1055843, 1612-1774 Bissingen an der Teck, Wuerttenberg Lutheran records.

First there is a marriage record  for Michael Kauffmann and Anna Schneider dated April 20, 1645.   It states that Michael's father was Georg Kauffmann.  Her father was Hannss Schneider. There are no birth records for this couple.  It is not known when Anna died, but it was before June 1684.

Next there is a marriage record for Michael Kauffmann, previously married and Veronica Minder, also previously married dated June 13, 1684.  Unfortunately, there are no birth records for this couple.

We believe Michael's first wife, Anna Schneider is the probable mother of Georg Kauffmann who married in 1669, "son of Michael Kauffmann".  It is on the same film noted above.

It is not known when  Michael Kauffmann died, sometime after June 1684. 




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2.  Were there other children?
3.  When did Michael and Vernoica die?


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