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Johann Michael Schempp was born about 1725 probably in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. We have a copy of the Protestant church records of Bissingen. The handwriting is in old German and the spelling varies but the detail matches what a family genealogist had discovered in the 1930s.

Johann Schempp married Christina Barbara Huinbe about 1745. Her last name is really hard to make out. We are only sure of the Hu.

There daughter Rosina Schempp was born September 28, 1753. She was baptized on September 30, 1753. The godparents I can make out are Johannas Baur and Johann Georg Mazort. If anyone is interested in, we can scan the specific record for you to interpret.

We do not have information on other children.

There is a church document that records all the pertinent names and dates of the family of Cyriakus Maier and Rosina Schempp. Her parents are recorded as Johann Michael Schempp and Christina Barbara. The document gives the birth and death date of every one in the Maier family.

The Schempp family name occurs many times in the church records from 1686 to 1760. However, information specific to this family is not clear.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Who were Johann Michael Schempp's parents?

2. When was he born?

3. When did he marry Christina?

4. How is her maiden name be spelled?

5. What other children did they have?

6. Need any and all personal info on the couple

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