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Cyriakus Maier was born Oct 10, 1754 in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. His parents were Johann Michael Maier and Maria Ursula Kautter.  from microfilm records of the Lutheran Church of the village filmed by LDS on FHL Film 1055840.  The church's name is Marienkirche. Most every one in the village were farmers so we assume most of the Maiers were too.  They lived in the village and worked the fields allotted to them around the village.

A Maier Genealogy was written in the 1930's while a family member was living in Germany. Much of this information came from that document. However, I also have a copy of the church records of Bissingen microfilmed by the LDS library. The handwriting is in old German and the spelling varies but the detail matches what had been discovered in the 1930s.

Cyriakus married Rosina Schempp on Feb. 28, 1775 in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. She was also of Bissingen.

Cyriakus and Rosina Maier had eleven known children, all born in Bissingen.
1. Johann Friedrich born June 22, 1776. He died within the week.
2. Juliana Catharina born Oct. 1, 1777 married Andreas Huttenlocker in Deizesau, Wurttemberg.
3. Johann Friedrich born Nov 8, 1779 married Maria Barbara Kaufmann
4. Johann born 1792.  He must have died soon after.
5. Johannes born April 14, 1783 and died the next day
6. Johann Jakob born Feb. 3, 1784 and died in 2 days.
7. Maria Barbara born April 30 1785 and died in 2 weeks.
8. Johann Conrad born June 21, 1786 and died 1812 in Russia.
9. Johann Michael born Oct 1, 1789 married Anna Maria Staib.
10. Johann Philipp born Dec 24, 1790 died 1813 in Sachsen.
11. Johann jakob born April 11, 1794 married 1st Anna Barbara Gabler and 2nd Anna Barbara Ensinger

A sad family story to write. Of 11 children, 5 died in infancy and 2 sons who managed to survive childhood died as young men, most likely in battle.I have been told that "Sachsen" was one of the largest battles of the Napoleonic Wars known to history as the Battle of Leipzig.

Cyriakus died June 1, 1845 an old man of 91. His wife had died on May 17, 1836 at 83.

In the area around Stuttgart, there are 3 towns that could fit the name "Bissingen". They are Bissingen, Bisingen, and Bissingen an der Teck. After a careful study of the 1930's document we determined the family village to be Bissingen an der Teck. This village is south east of Stuttgart. We confirmed it with a visit to the village in 2003.  We were shown the family hold of centuries in the center of town.  It was a poor village.  In the 19th century they were farmers of orchards that surround the visit still. 


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