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Margaret Lucretia Schneider was born about 1720 probably in Alt-Wildungen. It is the north section of Bad-Wildungen.  Her parents are unknown. 

Margaret Schneider married Johann Frederick Pezer about 1740

The couple had one known daughter, and probably more.  She was Christiana Sophia Francisca Pezer, born Nov. 25, 1744 she wed Johann Jacob Kruhoffer and lived out her life in Gellershausen.

Gellershausen is one of 13 small villages that make up the administrative community of Edertal.  At the time Gellershausen was in the small Principality of Waldeck.  Waldeck continues as a small city north of Edertal.  Waldeck and the Edertal communities are now part of Hesse Germany.  They lie in the northwest of Hesse and about 40 kilometers southwest of Kassel.  They are in the foothills and forests of the low Kellerwald mountain range.  Bad-Wildungen is just to the east.

It is not known when either Margaret or Johann F. Pezer died or where they are buried.


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    1. Who were her parents?
    2. Get local documentation for her story
    3. Were there other children?
    4. When did she die?
    5. Where are they buried? 


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