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Maria Catharina Voettimer may have been born Dec. 4, 1694 and christened the next day in Bissingen an der Tech, Wurttenberg Germany.  The one born that day was to parents Hanss Cunrad Voettimer and Anna Barbara Naegelin.  I am hesitant because my Maria Catharina with father Hanss Conrad V. did not marry the first time until 1731.  Possible of course, but unusual. 

The LDS library has a microfilm of the church records in Bissingen. It dates back to 1585. The German scrip is very hard to read and of course it is in German. We can scan the piece so you can attempt to see it also. Just click under Contact Us with the request. I now have a printout from the LDS set on CD of Western European Church Records that is easy to read.  The data in this story comes from that set.

Maria Catharina Voettimer wed Johannes Euchner on Jan 30, 1731. in Bissingen an der Tech. Herr Euchner had been married before.  The record will show the father of the bride and groom on the first marriage only.  I have been able to find only one child of this marriage so far.:
1.  Margaretha Euchner was christened May 2, 1732 also in Bissingen an der Tech.  She married Andreas Holpp.

The Holpp family had been in Bissingen an der Tech  since at least 1581 and probably long before.  That is about the time the existing church records began.

I have no record of when Maria Catharina or Hanns Voettimer died.


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                                        1.  Get the original church records and look for any additional info on the Voettimer family.
                                        2.  Particularly was there a 2nd Maria Catharina born to the Voettimer family
                                        3.  Did she have more children?
                                        4.  When did she die?


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