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Charles Devlin was born about 1785, give or take 5 years  Re the 1830 Census, page 148, roll M19-12.  According to his daughter's reports in later census' he was born in Pennsylvania.  However we have no direct information about that.  Most information I have seen strongly suggests that Devlin is an Irish name.

Hannah was born about 1785, the 1870 Pa Census gave the info that she was born in Delaware but that both her parents were foreign born.  So far we have no further information on her family.

He married Hannah, last name unknown, about 1822.  We do not know whether in Pennsylvania or Delaware.  However, at the time of the 1830 Census the Devlin family lived in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware.   By that time they had 3 sons and one daughter.

They continued on the farm in Mill Creek Hundred and on the 1840 Delaware Census roll 33, page 266, they either have another son listed as under 10 and the youngest list in 1830 as under 5 had died, or (I believe) there was a reporting mistake and the son listed was between 10-15.

Charles Devlin died between 1840 and 1850.  At least he is not on the 1850 census and Hannah is living with her newly wedded daughter Martha Ann Missimer.  With them is son David Devlin, age 23.  We believe the children of Charles and Hannah Devlin were:

son born c 1820-1822
son born 1823-1825
David Devlin born c 1827
Martha Ann Devlin, born 1830, died 1909, wed William Missimer  (known  from the Missimer Bible Records published by John B. Perry, philadelphia PA 1851.)

Hannah Devlin continue to live with the Missimer family until 1870, when she is with them on the census and probably until her death.  She died Jan 8, 1877.  She was a widow for nearly 30 years and was said to be 91 years old (from the Missimer Bible Records published by John B. Perry, Philadelphia PA 1851)
                                         It is not known where either Charles or Hannah  Devlin are buried.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Who were his parents
    2. Where is the Missimer Bible?
    3. Exactly where in Mill Creek did the Devlin family live
    4. Where was he buried?
    5. What church were they affliated with?
    6. What was Hannah's maiden name, and who were her parents
    7. Where is she buried.

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