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Raphe Ball  was born about 1605 in the Berkshires, England.   His are unknown, however, he is said to be of the Balls of  Barkham Berkshires. 
On April 15, 1630 Raphe Ball wed Margery Crockford probably in Hurst, Berkshires

check Margery Crockford's file for confusion of names.

They had at least one known child Margery Ball born 1634 who married William Passmore.  However, the Hurst parish records list 3 other children with Raphe as the father.  The mother, of course, was not named.  Unless we hear otherwise, we will assume her to be Margery Crockford.  These then are the children noted in the Registry:
1.  Raphe Ball, baptised Jan 1630/31 Hurst and died Jan 27, 1634
2.  Elizabeth Ball, baptised Dec. 1632 Hurst
3.  Marjorie Ball, baptised Jan 27, 1634 Hurst
4.  Frances Ball, baptised April 15, 1639 Hurst.
5.  Bridget Ball baptized July 4, 1641 Hurst, died Dec. 20, 1642

The Hurst parish register states that  Raphe Ball died Dec. 20, 1642, the same day as his daughter Bridget. There was a civil war that broke out 1642 in the Berkshires, maybe these two were casualties of that historic event.   The Hurst records researcher, Victor Barton states that his wife, Margery Crockford Ball lived to or after 1671.


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