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 Margretha Brandt was born about 1730 to Philip Brandt and  Elizabeth maiden name unknown.  She was the third of six known children, from  The Brandt family files of Montgomery County PA.

Philip Brandt immigranted to Pennsylvania  before 1734, probably with his wife and young children.   They settled near New Hanover, now Montgormery County just north and west of Philadelphia.  She was raised on a farm near Swamp Creek and was part of the Lutheran Reformed Congregation. 

Margretha married Cassimer Missimer in  1751.  Records are from the Trappe Lutheran Church in Trappe PA.   Cassimer owned a farm in what became Lower Pottsgrove Township.  For four years, 1762 to 1766 he rented two lots on York St. in  Pottstown.  It is not known what use he put them to.  There is also another record that Casper Mesmer had a Deed AA2, Lancaster County Page 118, dated Dec. 11, 1760 for 270 acres in Brecknock township, which is about 20 miles west of Pottstown.
This needs to be checked.  Did he actually own 2 farms or was there another man with a similar name at the same time in history.

Margretha and Cassimer had the following children:  from Bulletin of Historical Soceity of Montogmery County, vol 9, page 135, "Early Residents and Land Transfers in Pottstown."
1.  John born July 11,1752  - wed Elizabeth Yost, and died Dec 10, 1807
2.  Henry born Aug 16, 1754 - wed Susannah Schultze and died May 16, 1837
3.  Jacob born Jan 10, 1757 - wed Magdalena, maybe Yost and died Nov. 9, 1812
4.  Maria Catherine - wed Johannes Leidner
5.  Elizabeth
6.  Benjamin, born Sept 16, 1764 - wed Elizabeth and died Sept 16, 1840
7.  Frederick born Feb. 23, 1766  - wed Elizabeth Kreider
8.  Hannah born June 4, 1772
9.  John George born May 30, 1777 - wed Elizabeth Thomas and died Jan 17, 1853
10. Margaret it was believed she never married.

I have copies of portraits of Cassimer Messimer and Margaretha Brandt Messimer.  It is possible they are wedding portraits.  Each person stands on their own.  Maragetha has a flower in her hand.  Both are neat, perhaps small people, well dressed and they look quite elegant.  They have been in the colection for a long time.  It is not known where they came from. That needs to be found.  If you would like a copy. CONTACT US The quality is not good, but they are easy to get the features.

Margaretha Brandt Missimer died Oct. 26, 1806.  She would have be 76 years old.  She is buried in the Zion Reform Cemetery on North Hanover st., Pottstown.  She has a marker in German script. There are many graves of the Missimer family here. Cassimer died in 1812.  It is assumed he is also in this cemetery but I don't have record of that.  There is now a large memorial plaque on a brick wall, that lists the known people buried there, 18 Missimers are listed, Cassimer is not one of them.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. What was her mother's maiden name
    2. What is the story of the Lancaster property?
    3. Find the source of the portraits
    4. Find the original church records, if possible, and complete the dates of the children.


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