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A note about the Quaker calendar. From the 12th century in England the year began with the vernal equinox, on March 25th. This lasted until January 1752 as the legal and civil year. However, from the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D. the first of January had been considered the historical beginning for the year. It was customary to use a system of double dating between Jan 1 and March 25, giving both years i.e. 11-8-1747/48. In Pennsylvania, where friends controlled the legislation for many years, the numerical form of dating was commonly used and sanctioned by law, i.e. eleventh month, 8th day, which would translate to Jan. 8, 1748 in the new calendar. Whenever dates were given with numbers we have left them as we found them.

Mary Buxcey was born about 1680 possibly in Ruscombe, Berkshires England. Her father was Humphrey Buxcey, mother unknown. However, one source online at Family tree Maker stated her name to be Elizabeth Mary.  No documentation was given.  Much of my information came from the  Delaware County,PA Historical Society Family Files on   the Passmore family.   Mary Buxcey married John Passmore on  11/3/1701 in Ruscombe.

A note about Berkshire sites:.  Ruscombe was the birth and burial village of William Penn.  That would make Humphrey Buxcey and William Penn contemporaries.           There is a village near Ruscombe called Hurst, or officially St. Nicholas Hurst parish.  I think it possible that some have misread this in written records as Husk. Because some have   said  Mary Buxcey was born in Husk.  I also believe that Ruscombe was in or very near the St. Nicholas Hurst parish.   This site is halfway between Windsor and Reading.
I do not know when the family emigrated to America but by 1714 they had settled in Kennet Pennsylvania now Pennsbury, afterwards removing to West Marlborough.. All are in Chester county PA. from History of Chester County by Futhey and Cope, page 675

                                        Mary Buxcey and John Passmore had the following children:
                                        1.   J
ohn Passmore born Oct. 7, 1704 re IGI wed Elizabeth Harris in 1727 Kennet monthly meeting notes of 1727 -2-1
                                        2.   Humphrey Passmore
born April 28, 1706 IGI supplied birthdate
                                        3.   Richard Passmore
born Feb. 22, 1707/8, died May 2, 1708 in Hurst re Hurst Parish Registers
                                        4.   Eleanore Passmore
born April 8, 1709 in Hurst wed George Carson  IGI supplied birthdate
Thomas Passmore born about 1711
Mary Passmore born 1712 & 1722 wed William Pusey before 1743
                                        7.   Augustine Passmore born 27th day, 7th month, 1714 wed 1. Judith Farlon c 1737, 2. Hannah Horone Jan 28, 1754, died 1782
   William Passmore wed Mary Heald 1725 re Kennet MM 1725-1-4
.   George Passmore born Feb. 23, 1719 re Kenneth Austin wed Margaret Strode
Samuel Passmore born 1721, re Kenneth Austin wed Susan Butcher

All the information on Augustine Passmore came from The Nottingham Quakers by Alice Beard, page 69.  He had moved to the Nottingham Meeting in 1741

John Passmore died in 1746. He was 66 years old. He left a will, Chester County Will Book 2, page 213 , Will #1010 in the Chester County PA Archives. The will was made July 14, 1743. and proved Dec. 16, 1746. Mary Buxcey Passmore was still alive when he wrote his will. The children not mentioned in the will were Humphrey, Richard, Thomas. They had probably died previously without issue.It is not known when Mary Buxcey Passmore died.  The Kennet Meetinghouse was built in 1710. It is still there on Rt. 1 near the intersection with rt. 52. They were part of that community.  The meetinghouse had its own cemetery and it is my guest that they were both buried there. 


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

        1. When and where was she born? 
        2. When did they emigrant and are there records?
        3. What are the birth dates of all the children with documentation?
        4. When did she die?
        5. Where is she buried?

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