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Elizabeth Clator was born 11th month, 16th day 1653 in Elton, Nottingham shire England.  Her parents were William and Alice ClatorFriends House Digest Register, reel 19, film MR-L.  They were Quakers.  William was fined and imprisoned for his following of the Quaker religion. He was a farmer in the small village of Elton on the eastern edge of Nottingham shire.  She was the eldest of two known children.

Elizabeth Clator married Samuel Levis  3/4/ 1680.  I'm not sure if this was translated to March or  the earlier Quaker dating, which would translate to May, I believe. Cope Digest of English Meetings, C10 Warwickshire quarterly Meeting. The Digest clearly stated that Samuel Levis was from Harby.  It is just a few miles south of Elton. but crosses the line into Leicester. 

Elizabeth and Samuel Levis emigrated to America with 2 young children:, from The Paper Makers by Jane Levis Carter, page 1. Also with them were 2 of Samuel's sisters, and 3 friends.  All were Quakers of the Harby Meeting Leicester.  He had purchased 1000 acres in Pennsylvania before leaving.   When they arrived in Philadelphia they joined the Meeting in that city.  The family soon settled in Chester County on a creek that flowed into the Delaware River   Samuel Levis property was on the  southwest side of Darby Creek in Springfield Township in 1692., page 25  There he built a house of brick that was lived in for 10 generations of Levis'. The still stands and is called the Checkerboard House.

He served as county commissioner, a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly, justice of the peace and of the court. and he had a mill.  The Paper Makers has a diagram of their property including the mill, an orchard and slave houses.

Elizabeth and Samuel Levis had a growing family during these years.  They had 7 known children:
1.  Samuel  Levis, born about 1682 in England, possibly Nottingham he wed Hannah Stretch 1709. 
2.  Alice Levis, born about 1684 in England, possibly Nottingham.
3.  Mary Levis born Aug 9, 1685 in Pennsylvania wed Joseph Pennock
4.  William Levis born in Pennsylvania wed Elizabeth Reed 1720
5.  Elizabeth Levis born in Pennsylvania wed William Shipley 1728
6.  Sarah Levis born in Pennsylvania wed George Maris
7.  Christopher Levis born 1692 in Pennsylvania died 1694. 

 It was noted somewhere, need to relocate, that Elizabeth Clator Levis became a Quaker missionary traveling up and down the east coast.  I also have her death occurring in 1732, but do not have the source of that information.

Samuel Levis died in 1734.  An advanced age for the time for both of them. .


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3.  Where is it noted that she was a Quaker missionary?
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