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Anne Clayton was born maybe in or near Gresbroke Hall, Staffordshire England about 1510.

About 1533 Ann Clayton married Robert Grazebrook. probably in Shenstone, Staffordshire.  He was said to have been born there and died there. Shenstone is a small village east south east of Birmingham. There was a long history of Grazebrook/Gresbrooke in the Midlands during this time. 

In Miscellania Genealogica et Heraldica, page 122 to 124 are documented findings of the Gresbroke family of the early 16th century.  They certainly imply that the above statement is true.  First from Chancery Pro, series ii, B'dle 74, #87 (I don't yet understand what all that means, but believe it is a court record that is quoted:
"Robert Gresbrok, son-in-law of ____Clayton, widow and now dead, leaving children Clayton and also Banester, by a previous marriage.  Robert Banister was her executor.  That same Robert Banister by his will left legacies for Robert Gresborke's children"  It is dated between 1559-1569.  I take that to mean that our Ann Clayton's father died leaving his widow, name unknown, who had been previously married to a Mr. Banester.  There were Banister children, including Robert Banister, who was her executor.  This Robert Banister then died leaving legacies for Robert and Anne Gresbrok's children.

Then there is I believe a court record Final Concord at Westminster, 1562 between "Humphrey Bourne and Richard Deykin, plaintiffs and Robert Gresbroke and Anne, his wife, defendants.  ...of sundrey houses, estates and rents in Shenston, Fowderly, Overdonhall, Lynde and Chesterfield.  The estates vested in Bourne and Deykin were reconneyed to Robert Gresbroke to enable him to break the entail and disinherit his eldest son John."  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states entail means to restrict property by limiting the inheritance to the owner's lineal descendants or to a particular class thereof.    Just wish I knew why.

Then the final document is to the will of Robert Gresbroke of Shenston, dated Dec. 2, 1569, and proved July 31, 1570  " John, my eldest son, yf he be now lyvynge, (if he is alive)
to Robert, my younger son all estates, etc which I inherited from my father John Gresbrok. Anne, my now wyfe, Roland and William my two youngest sons, and then he names his three daughters, all still unmarried: Elizabeth, Elene, and Margarett Anne, wyfe and Robert to be executors."  the reference given was the Miscellania Genealogica et Heraldica 1877, page 479

All the documentation needs to be confirmed but if taken as written then the known children of Robert and Ann Clayton Grazebrook were:
1.  John Gresbroke born c 1536
2.  Robert Gresbroke born c1537 ( taken from another record in the M G & H) - died 1611
3.  Roland Gresbroke
4.  William Gresbroke
5.  Elizabeth Gresbroke,
6.  Elene Gresbroke
7.  Margarett Bresbroke
The order of the last five children is unknown.

The connection to the American family is through Elizabeth Grazebrooke who married Thomas Mason The Staffordshire Parish Register for Sedgeley, page 27  also of Shenstone.  The records can be found at Dudley Archives and Local History Services.  They married in Jan 14, 1579/80.  Robert and Anne Gresbroke could be great as her parentsThey certainly had a daughter Elizabeth, still unwed in 1569.  She could have been a child of 10 or so, so when married would have been 20. 

However, she may also have been Robert, the sons, daughter.  I do not know when he married. We do have the following from Pennsylvania Magazine Vol 37, 1913, page 86-7 have an article "Genealogical Gleanings in Great Britain." on the Brinton family.  It states "Thomas Mason's wife Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Grazebrook of Shenston, of a very ancient family of Staffordshire".  Elizabeth's mother was not mentioned. 

It is not known when Ann Clayton Grazebrook died, but it would have been after July 31, 1570.  She would have been buried in Shenston.


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1.  Find wedding documentation.
2.  Who were her parents?
3.  Where was she born?
4.  When and where did she die?
5.  Is this the couple whose daughter married Thomas Mason or was it their son.


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