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Margery Mary Fello was christened on Aug 14, 1628 in Sedgeley, Staffordshire, England.  from Staffordshire England Extracted church of England parish Records 1538-1839.  Her father was Oliver Fello and stated in the parish records.  Her  mother is said to be Mary, last name unknown. But I need confirmation.

This basic information was given to me at a Genealogical Conference in the 1980s by Nancy Ranch.  It is now on with credit going to two books:  The Brinton Genealogy - A History of William Brinton who came from England to Chester County, PA in 1684 by Gilbert Cope and Janetta Wright Schoonover and The Bennett Family Book, author unknown held in the LDS library.  This information was made available by Shauna Fairbanks and Alan Longshore.

The Sedgeley Staffordshire Parish Register, 1558 - 1684 includes many references to this family and connecting families between 1562 and 1600:  Fellow, Brinton, Bennett, Mason and Grazebrook Sedgeley and Stourbridge are on the west edge of current Birmingham in the West Midlands..

                                       Margery married John Bennett Feb. 10, 1650  in Staffordshire.  John and Margery Bennett had the following children:
                                       1. Ann born April 8, 1654 
                                       2. John born Feb. 3, 1656.  He probably died at childbirth or shortly thereafter
                                       3. John  born Jan 20, 1657 christened Sedeley, Stourbridge, Stafforshire, wed Ann Brinton, 
the Bennett book says he was christened in Sedgeley, the Brinton says Overbury, a small village south of Worcester .
                                       4. Edward, born Oct. 14,  1659
                                       5. Mary born June 15, 1662, also died in infancy
                                       6. Mary born Oct. 16, 1663 
                                                  the Brinton book says her birth was listed in Kennett Monthly Meeting, Chester PA in America
She may have also gone to America with her brother John and been part of the Quaker community there, but she was born in England.
                                       7. Margery born Dec 25, 1664, christened Jan 16, 1665

                                      Unfortunately, the Parish records has record of Margery Bennett's burial April 12, 1669 in Sedgley. The oldest child was 15, and the youngest just 4.
                                      Margery's widower, John Bennett lived another 15 years.  He died in 1684 in England.



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