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Frances Jones was born in Ombersley, Worcestershire, England about 1570.  Her parents were Robert and Alice Jones also of Ombersley.

Ombersley is about 5 miles due north of the small city of Worcester.  It is a gem of a town.  It's main street is lined with half-timbered houses many from the 15th to 17th century.
St. Andrew's is the parish church rebuilt in the 19th century, part of the original 13th century chancel now serves as a family mausoleum.

Frances Jones married Henry Collier Nov. 26, 1589, probably in St. Andrews.  Some historians believe the name was Collins, but I think they misread the scrip.  The Genealogist: George Maris of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Volume: 13, page 246/7 by Stewart Baldwin, published fall 1999 says it has the documentation to the names and dates given here.  I have not yet read the copy. He gives the children of Frances and Henry as

1.  Henry Collier born about 1591 in Ombersley
2.  Eleanor Collier, twin born Jan 12, 1594/5 in Ombersley
3.  Robert Collier, twin
4.  William Collier, born Feb. 25, 1595/6 in Ombersley
5.  Alice Collier, born March 13, 1599/1600 in Ombersley.  She married George Maris.
6.  Frances Collier, born Oct. 9, 1608 in Hanbury
7.  Richard Collier, born May 26, 1611 in Hanbury
8.  Anne Collier, born Aug. 29, 1613 in Hanbury

So sometime after March 1600 the family moved to Hanbury.  It is a smaller farming village due east about 10 miles from Ombersley.

Frances Jones Collier died in 1636 in Hanbury.  She is possibly buried in the Hanbury parish church cemetery, St. Mary the Virgin.

Her husband Henry Collier died May 26, 1648 still in Hanbury.


1.  Get all details about birth, marriage and death
2.  Read Genealogist to find Mr. Baldwin's documentation.

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