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Edeltrou Kunegunde was born about 1704 in Thaleischweiler Froschen, Rhineland-Palatinate.  Her parents are unknown.

Ebetrau Kunegunde arrived in Pennsylvania on Sept 11, 1738.  from Auswanderer im Kirchenbuch von Thalelschweiler she was with her husband and family.  The actual listing say "Valentin Schultz, zu Froschen un Ebtrau Kunegunde, Kinder zu Froschen geboren:
1.  Johann Peter 24,6,1729 - ie born June 24, 1729
2.  George Henrick 6,3,1727 - ie born March 6, 1727
3.  Anna Barbara 7,1,1732 - ie born Jan 7, 1732
4.  Anna Magdalena 11,1,1727 - ie born Jan 11, 1737

I'm not sure why Johann Peter is listed first for George Henrick would have been the eldest child.

It is not known where they settled or when they died.

It is believed possible that Ebetrau and Valentin Schultz were the parents of John (Johnn?) who became a minister in Montgomery County PA.   The connecting proof is needed.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. When did Ebetrau and Valenin marry?
    2. Why did they emigrant?
    3. Were there other children?
    4. Where did they settle?
    5. Is there a connection to Susannah Schultz who married Henry B. Missimer ?
    6. Document the family details


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