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All my information on John Murphy came from Cecil County Will Abstracts by John McCory #206

It specifed the tombstone read "born June 11, 1708, died April 21 1794.  We do not know where he was born..

On Sept 14, 1793 John Murphy wrote a will.  It was proved Sept 12, 1794, and presented by his wife Margaret Murphy. Cecil County Will Abstracts by John McCory,  Will number 206 on page 347.    I have not seen the will only the Abstract, so can't interpret beyond info Mr. McCory recorded.    In the will he mentions wife, unnamed there, wife's son Aaron Wark, but she is named as presenting the will.  Thus I assume that Margaret Murphy had been previously married to a Mr. Wark.   the will goes on to name John Brown, (no kinship given),  Margaret McMaster - wife of Robert McMaster, other"eldest daughters" not named.....etc   Robert McMaster was one of his executors and a witness was Samuel McMaster.

There are 2 records in Land Patents of Cecil county Maryland conpiled by the Genealogical Society of Cecil County.  We do not know if they are our John Murphy, but fit the time frame.
1748 a John Murphy had a lease on 70 acres, Unpatented Cert #334.   it does not say where
1786 .a John Murphy had a patent on Mount Orange, 74 acres (possibly the same as above), Unpatented cert #231.

We also have a 1790 Cencus Record Cecil County North Susquehanna Hundred.  That was the area the McMaster family plantation was, so puts him in the right area to be related, but there is very little information.   It states:  John Murphy 1 male < 16, 2 males >  16 and 2 females

We do not know why his tombstone details were included in the Will Abstract.  But if true he would have been almost 86 years old.  We do not know where he is buried. .



If you know the answer please CONTACT US

                                        1. Where was this John Murphy born?
                                        2.  What was Margaret's birth name?
                                        3.  Were there other children?
                                        4.  Where is he buried?
                                        5.  Were the properties noted his?
                                        6.  Where was Mount Orange?

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