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 The Pennock family was a leading Quaker family in colonial Pennsylvania. The descendants are numerous. Three known books have been written about them:
The Pennocks of Primitive Hall by George Valentine Massey II,
The Pusey Family by Pennock Pusey, and
Christopher Pennock Genealogy, compiled by Charles A. Rudolph, 1959.

A note about the Quaker calendar. From the 12th century in England the year began with the vernal equinox, on March 25th. This lasted until January 1752 as the legal and civil year. However, from the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D. the first of January had been considered the historical beginning for the year. It was customary to use a system of double dating between Jan 1 and March 25, giving both years i.e. 11-8-1747/48. In Pennsylvania, where friends controlled the legislation for many years, the numerical form of dating was commonly used and sanctioned by law, i.e. eleventh month, 8th day, which would translate to Jan. 8, 1748 in the new calendar. Whenever dates were given with numbers we have left them as we found them.

Elinor Pusey was born 5/20/1746 probably in New Garden, Chester County Pennsylvania. She was one of six children of William Pusey and Mary Passmore from the Hinshaw files, New Garden monthly Meeting #1 held at Quaker Library in Swarthmore college.  They were an active Quaker family

Elinor Pusey married John Pennock sometime before 1772.   Because on 5th day, 2nd month on 1772 Elinor Pennock (late Pusey) was "disowned for marrying contrary to discipline with John Pennock."  from Unpublished records of Hinshaw files New Garden MM.  John Pennock had also been a Quaker, but there is a report in the New Garden Monthly meeting minutes dated June 7, 1764 that John Pennock had been disowned. No reason was given. 

According to the Christopher Pennock Genealogy compiled by Charles A. Rudolph John and Elinor Pennock had five children:

1. John Pennock wed Ann Craige
2. Nathaniel Pennock born 1777 wed Ruth Woodrow and Sarah Woodrow Pyle
3. Joseph Pennock born 1779 wed Rebecca Scarlett
4. James Pennock wed Mary Hayes and Mary Thornbury
5. William Pennock wed Deborah Sellers

John, Elinor and their family lived on a farm in New Castle County Delaware that was owned by his father. It was comprised of over 160 acres, house, buildings and water mill, corn mill and sawmill on Red Clay Creek in Mill Creek and Christiana Hundreds.

Nathaniel Pennock, John's father wrote a codicil to his will on June 6, 1774, "being sick and weak". It empowered his son, John Pennock to sell the plantation and several tracts belonging to Nathaniel where on John dwelt in New Castle County Delaware. I have a copy of New Castle Court proceedings dated Aug 21, 1776 that seems to say John Pennock sold all the land etc to John Garrett. However, on the 18th day, 11th month 1786 the court records state that ".... his said son John since died intestate leaving a widow and five children to survive him and no distribution of the said lands and promises made" the three living sons of Nathaniel paid to the guardian 2 pounds, 10 shillings each for a total of 7 pounds 10 shillings, together with the sum of 1300 pounds from the sale of the New castle properties.

Nothing is known of where his family went. I have never understood why Elinor did not inherit John's share.  Seemed terribly unfair.  I can but hope that she and the five children lived with one of the brothers.

It is not known when or where she died nor where she is buried.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where was the Delaware farm?
    2. What was the birth date of all the children.
    3. What happened to Elinor after John died?
    4. When did Elinor die?
    5. Where are they buried?

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