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Elizabeth Vernon was born about 1671 in Cheshire England to Thomas and Elizabeth Vernon of Standthorne.  This small village is just west of Middlewich and east of Chester.

Elizabeth's father and 2 uncles, Randle and Robert Vernon were original Penn purchases in Nether Providence.  The 3 brothers laid claim to about 1000 acres just west of south Providence Rd, south of West Possum Hollow Rd. and East of Riddle Creek.  from Map of nether Providence and Springfield showing the Early Grants and Patents.  It was found in The Paper Makers by Jane Levis Carter.  While her father Thomas Vernon was listed on a ship passenger list 1682, his wife and children were not.  However,  we believe that only the men in that family were listed and their families were with them.

Elizabeth Vernon married Andrew Job, Jr. June 9, 1692 at the Chester Monthly Meeting in PA Quaker records of Chester and new Garden meetings, found at Swarthmore Quaker library.   The couple lived in Chester county for about 9 years.  During that time her husband, Andrew Job Jr. served as sheriff of Chester County from July 4, 1697 to
June 30, 1701.  In that year William Penn devised a plan to create a new settlement in Nottingham PA It was a disputed area with Lord Baltimore's Cecil County Maryland.  There has been some indication it was to lay claim to that area for Pennsylvania.  Andrew Job was one of the group that went with Penn to examine the area.  While there Penn declared 40 acres be set aside as a place of worship.  It is still there in a lovely grove of very old trees,  The Old Brick Meeting House

In 1702 a Penn warrant for 18,000 acres was laid out called the Nottingham LotsAndrew Job received 1000 acres in 2 parts.  The family had moved there by spring of 1704 and probably during 1703. from Bi-centennial of Brick Meeting-House, Calvert, Cecil County, Maryland ... By Nottingham Monthly Meeting (Society of Friends). A map and  layout of the Nottingham Lots can be found in The Cecil County History.

Elizabeth Vernon Job and Andrew Job Jr. had 11 children, Quaker records of Chester and new Garden meetings and Quaker Records of Nottingham meeting.  They were:
The months given are Quaker months.  I'll record them as written ie.  day, month, year then write in the month as used today.
1.  Benjamin Job, born 13-8-1693, Oct, died within 3 weeks.
2.  Jacob Job, born 26-5-1694, July, in Chester county PA, wed Rachel Brokesby
3.  Thomas Vernon Job, born 22-9-1695, Nov,  in Chester county PA, wed Elizabeth Maxwell.
4.  Mary Job, born 3-12-1696, Feb, in Chester PA wed Jonathan White.
5.  Enoch Job, born 9-7-1698, Sept,  in Chester County PA, died soon after
6.  Enoch Job, born 6-11-1700, Jan, in Chester County PA, wed Abigail Gatchell and 2nd Mary Worley.
7.  Abraham Job, born 22-6-1702, Aug,  in Chester county PA, wed Sarah Gatchell and 2nd Elizabeth McKay
8.  Caleb Job, born 26-5-1704, July, in East Nottingham, of Chester County PA, wed Barbara last name unknown.
9.  Joshua Job, born 2-1-1706, March, in East Nottingham, of Chester County PA, wed Margaret McKay
10. Hannah Job, born 24-8-1708, Dec,  in East Nottingham of Chester county PA.
11. Patience Job, born 2-7-1710, Sept. in East Nottingham of Chester County PA wed Robert McKay.

When the Mason Dixon Line was drawn 1763-6, East Nottingham was in Maryland, part of Cecil County as it is today.   There has been some research done by others that indicate Caleb, Joshua and Hannah was moved on to Virginia.

Andrew Job established the Blue Ball Tavern and Inn about 1710.  There is an historical marker at the site.  The building still exists and is a private home now.  The Inscription reads: "Established about 1710 on Lot No. 35 of “The Nottingham Lots” by Andrew Job who secured it from William Penn. Job’s son, Thomas married Elizabeth Maxwell, niece of Daniel Defoe who wrote “Robinson Crusoe.”  Erected by Maryland Historical Society.   The location. 39° 42.043′ N, 75° 55.915′ W. Marker is near Elkton, Maryland, in Cecil County. Marker is at the intersection of Telegraph Road (Route 273) and Blue Ball Road, on the left when traveling east on Telegraph Road

Elizabeth Job had her hands full with 11 children in 17 years.  All but 2 made it to adult hood. It was a community of Quakers so there was probably a lot of mutual support.  She, too, was a leader of their community.  In 1701 Elizabeth and another woman were appointed overseers for the Chester Women's Meeting.  from  Early Church Records of Delaware Co PA, Vol. 1 by Launcy & Wright, 1997.

 Her husband, Andrew Job continued as a leader in the community.  He was a Member of the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1703.  He served as Surveyor and Justice of the Peace from 1718 to 1722.   His will was dated June 30, 1722 and was proved Nov. 30, 1722. 

Elizabeth Job appears every year on the tax rolls until 1731.  She was a witness for her son, Joshua's marriage in March of 1731.  She probably died later that year.  Most likely both Elizabeth and her husband Andrew are buried in the Brick Meeting House cemetery.  There are no known stones.

I suggest you read a Tribute to Andrew Job Jr.   It contains wonderful maps, photos, and year by year history of this family  with documentation.  It can be found at


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