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 Unfortunately, I don't believe we are connected to this family.  Information came to light recently that nixed the Vernon family connection. 


Ellen Yardley was born about 1540 in Davenham, Cheshire England. Her parents are unknown.

Ellen Yardley wed George Vernon on Feb. 1, 1560/61 in Frodsham, Cheshire England.

Davenham is 17 miles due east of Chester.  Frodsham is north east of Davenham about 11 miles.  The 3 make a nice triangle.
The parish church of Frodsham is St. Laurence.  The basic structure of the church dates to 1180.  It is an English Heritage listed

Websites noting Records of Frodsham Parish give the following children:
1,  Henry Vernon, born 1562
2.  Elizabeth Vernon, born 1565 
3.  George Vernon born Dec 1573, he died with in weeks
4.  Anna Vernon, born 1575
5.  Katherina Vernon, born 1575
6.  Helena Vernon, born 1577
7.  Johanna Vernon, born 1578
8.  George Vernon born Sep 1579
9.  William Vernon born Oct 1579
10. Hugh Vernon, said to be born 1583, wed Elizabeth Eccleston
two other sources (both noting Records of Frodsham Parish) added


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