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Rebecca Billingsley was born 3rd month, 23rd day of 1677 in Maryland, possible in Calvert County. Quaker Meeting Records of Sandy spring Monthly meeting, in Calvert md. Her parents were Francis Billingsley Jr. and  Susannah, maiden name unknown. Daughter Rebecca Birkhead and wife Susannah were co executors of Francis's will.Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol2, Calvert County proved Jan 21, 1695. Calvert County is south of Anne Arundel county and between the Chesapeake Bay (western shore) and Patuxent River.

Rebecca Billingsley wed Abraham Birkhead Oct 18, 1692 perhaps at St James Parish, also called Herring Creek Parish, dates from 1663.  It was mostly the southern part of Anne Arundel County below West River and Muddy Creek in Lothian Maryland.  A more recent building of St James Church today is located on Rt 2 south of Annapolis.

re Maryland Births and Christenings Index 1662-1911 It lists 9 children born to Rebecca and Abraham Birkhead.  All born in St. James parish and isted on FHS Film # 13280. 
1.  Susannah born Dec. 8, 1695 - died 1723
2.  Abraham born Dec. 29, 1697 - died 1755 wed Jane Carter
3.  Elizabeth born April 4, 1701 - died 1767 wed Daniel Talbott
4.  Margaret born Aug 4, 1703 - died 1745 wed Dr. Richard Johns
5.  Anne born March 1, 1705  - died 1745
6.  Eleazer Lazarus born May 20, 1705 - died 1744 wed Johanna Naylor
7.  Eleanor born June 17, 1710 - died 1784
8.  Mary born Sept 30, 1714 - died 1755 wed Joseph Talbott
9.  Frances Birkhead born April 3, 1716 in Anne Arundel county MD,  she married John Sheckels
death dates of children and spouses all came from the Burkhead Family tree on line.  When I have documentation I will note it.

 Abraham Birkhead  became a trustee of St. James parish in 1720 . 

Abraham had inherited a large estate of 1272 acres when his father Abraham Birckhead Sr. died in 1685. It included 4 or 5 tracks, one of which was Birkhead's Chance on Lyons Creek.  So the family was certainly land rich. In 1733 Abraham acquired Truman's Chance, 1290 acres in Calvert County, next to land owned by Thomas Bilingsley and Ephraim Gover.  Both names appear in the family story.

In 1692 Rebecca Birkhead was named residuary legatee of her fathers estate, real and Personel.  However, Francis Billingsley's will next stipulated that his daughter Sarah would inherit entire estate at the death of his wife Susannah, and if Sarah died with no heirs the estate would revert to three cousins.   So where did that leave Rebecca?

Rebecca Billingsley Birkhead died in 1745.  I do not have the source, but perhaps St. James Parish records have it. It is possible that she is buried in the St. James Parish cemetery.   I would believe that all her children would be grown by that time. Abraham then wed Abigail, widow of Edmund Evans.

On March 11, 1747, Abraham Birkhead deeded to his Son-in-law, John Sheckles a lot in Bristoltown  also called Pigg Point.  Anne Arundel Land Records RB #2 1744 to 1747, Deed 561.  Pigg Point in now on Jug Bay of the Patuxent River very near the southwest corner of Anne Arundel County. There was an active Ferry at that point.  Pig Point is mentioned a number of times.  First in the developing road system that facilitated movement between plantations, it was on of the shipping access  points. Early on it was a major Tobacco Inspection Station and by early in the 19th century Pig Point was the largest shipping point on the river.

One source states that Abraham Birkhead died in 1750.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

    1.  Get a copy of the Parish records
    2.  When was Rebecca born?
    3.  what was her mother's birth name?
    4.  What was "real and Personal" that she inherited from her father.


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