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There are many websites that make say this couple was from Lancashire England and married there before they emigrated to Virginia.
 However, I can find no documentation for any of those statements. The first source record I can find is his will. My dates are suggested by that will.

Thomas Blanton  was born about 1645 in England.  His wife Jane or Jene (maybe McGuffey)was born about 1650. By 1697 they were living in Essex County Virginia.  They had at least 6 children that were mentioned in his will. 

Thomas Blanton wrote a will on Feb. 1697.  It was proved March 16, 1697.  Essex County Deed Book 9, page 160
In the will he names his wife Jene
Sons :  Richard, Thomas, John, William
Daughters: Jene, Elizabeth

Witnesses were John D. Doughty, Peter H Himan, and John Butcher.

 So we know Thomas Blanton died in 1697, and Jene Blanton sometime after that.  There is much to learn.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.


    1. Where were they from?
    2. Who were their parents?
    3. when were they married?
    4. When did they emigrate to America?
    5. What are the names and birth dates of all his children?
    6. When did Jene die?
    7. Where are they buried?


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