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John Dudgeon was born about 1690 in Ireland. An ancestor file dated 1998 has a pedigree chart that shows his parents to be Gavin Dudgeon and Christina Osborough.  I have no idea where these names came from nor have I found them anywhere else.  If you can confirm this info, please CONTACT US.

He was probably from County Derry or County Antrim, the two northern counties of present day North Ireland.  About 1714 he married Catherine Caldwell, sister to John Caldwell. 

In 1727 the family immigrated to America with a large family group. The group consisted of John & Margaret Caldwell, their five children, their two brother-in-laws and their families: Moore Richey and Mr. Dudgeon and Margaret's sisters family, the Daughertys.  They landed at New Castle Delaware on Dec 10, 1727.  We believe the Dudgeon family had at least three children when they made this voyage.

John Caldwell was the leader of the group and settled them in Chestnut Level, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is found in Drumore Township in the southern portion of the county near the Susquehanna River.  

While I have no documentation to support  the children of John and Catherine Dudgeon they are listed in many places as the following.  I would appreciate any documents that support the info.

1.  Richard Dudgeon, born 1715 in Ireland, died Feb. 4, 1771 in Cubb Creek, Lunenburg VA.
2.  Martha Dudgeon, born 1720 in Ireland, died 1763 in Lunenburg VA.
3.  William D. Dudgeon born 1722 - would have to be Ireland, died Feb. 1786 Charlotte VA.
4.  Mary Dudgeon born 1730 in PA, wed David Caldwell, her first cousin.  She died in 1820.
5.  John Dudgeon born 1735 in Cubb Creek VA.

About 1734, the large family moved to Lunenberg Virginia. They formed a settlement on Cub Creek known as Caldwell Settlement. There a Presbyterian Church was established, chiefly through the influence of John Caldwell. Cub Creek is claimed to be the oldest Presbyterian Congregation in Virginia. It is in present day Charlotte County. A plaque marks the location of the church. Most of this information is written about in a number of documents. Two were found in the Logan County, KY library: one entitled Family History, Caldwell, and the other simply titled Caldwell. Footes Sketches of Virginia 2nd Series, page 50 gives 1738 as the date of the settlement at Cub Creek.

The pedigree chart mentioned above stated that John Dudgeon died in Cub Creek in 1763, and that his wife Catherine died about 1763 in Cub Creek. 


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. need documentation for
*  parents
*  children, place and dates
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