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All the following information is from online family trees.  There are a number of details which lead me to think there is documentation somewhere, but so far I have not found it.  So take it all as possible only for now.

Jane McGhia was born about 1660 probably in  Derry Ireland.  Her parents are said to be Alexander McGhia and Jane Milliken.

Jane McGhia wed Joseph Caldwell  in 1682 in Derry from International marriage records 1560-1900. An online source was more specific.  The marriage was on
May 5, 1682 Lifford, Balllybogan, Donegal, Ireland.  Lifford is directly cross the River Foyle into Derry. 

They are said to have had 7 children:
1.  John Caldwell born  Jan 1682/83 in Londonderry,Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
2.  Catherine Caldwell born 1691
3.  Elizabeth Caldwell born 1684 in Ballyoogan, Donegal, Ireland
4.  Margaret Caldwell born 1686 in Ballyoogan, Donegal, Ireland
5.  Jane (Jeanne) Caldwell born 1688 in Ballyoogan, Donegal, Ireland
6.  George Caldwell born 1690 in Ballyoogan, Donegal, Ireland
7.  Andrew Caldwell born about 1692 in Ballyoogan, Donegal, Ireland

Jane McGhia Caldwell lived until at least 1692.  We would guess she died and is buried in Ballybogan, Donegal.  We must same the same for Joseph Caldwell.



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