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Jane Millliken was born about 1630 probably in Ireland.  One site names 1638, but no source is given.   Her parents are unknown.

Jane wed Alexander McGhia (or McGrew or McGee) about 1659 in Derry

They had one known child,
1.   Jane McGhia born 6/6/1660 or 10/11/1661 in Derry Ireland she married Joseph Caldwell.

 It is not known when either Jane or Alexander McGhia died, but it was after the birth of their daughter in 1660 or 61.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1.. Who were her parents?
2.  Get documentation for her wedding.
3.  Get documentation for birth of daughter
4.  Were there other children, and what were their names and birth dates?
5.  When & where did she die?


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