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Margaret Phillips was born Sept. 6, 1685 maybe in Derry Ireland according to the online Ancestral File. Her parents were Griffiths Phillips and Janet McCoullough. A document found in the Logan County, KY library entitled Family History, Caldwell, states that Margaret Phillips married John Caldwell in Ireland. They were either from County Derry or County Antrim, the two northern counties of present day North Ireland. A web source gives the birthplace of their second son as Donegal. Donegal is the northern most part of present day Erie, just west of North Ireland.

John and Margaret had five children in Ireland. He was apparently a well to do gentleman in Ireland, for the Family History, Caldwell states that he sold his five estates in Ireland and sailed to America. Margaret, their five children, her married sister Mrs. Dougherty, his three married sisters, and all their families accompanied him. They landed at New Castle Delaware on December 10, 1727. This date is also found in another document that can be found in the Logan County KY library simply titled Caldwell. There is no official documentation. We checked.

 John and Margaret Caldwell settled in Chestnut Level, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is found in Drumore Township in the southern portion of the county near the Susquehanna River. They lived there for a few years.

One source says they moved to Virginia about 1734, another gives 1742 as the date. Landon C. Bell is author of Cumberland Parish Lunenberg County, Virginia 1746 - 1816 Vestry Book 1746-1816. It is a complete listing of the Vestry Book with maps and genealogical notes. The author notes the vestries in colonial times were one of two important local institutions, the other being the County Courts. John Caldwell was elected to the first Vestry of Cumberland Parish. However, he "refused to take the oath of a vestryman and resigned." He refused because he was a Presbyterian, not an Anglican. In fact he had arranged with Governor Gooch and the Council before moving to Virginia that he would move with the understanding that toleration would be extended him and his colony

When they moved to Virginia the large extended family moved with them. They formed a settlement on Cub Creek known as Caldwell Settlement. There a Presbyterian Church was established, claimed to be the oldest Presbyterian Congregation in Virginia. It is in present day Charlotte County. A plaque marks the location of the church. Footes Sketches of Virginia 2nd Series, page 50 gives 1738 as the date of the settlement at Cub Creek.

The children of John and Margaret Caldwell were:

1. William Caldwell born about 1706 wed Rebecca Parks. He was a major in the Revolution and was wounded at the Battle of the Brandywine.
2. Thomas Caldwell born about 1707 wed Jane Parks. He was a vet of French & Indian Wars
3. David Caldwell born July 7, 1708 wed Mary Dudgeon. Also a vet of the French & Indian Wars.
4. John Caldwell born March 14 1714/1715 but there is confusion
I version says born 1715, or 1723 or March 29, 1712 - died 1795 in Maury Ct TN
II version says born 1692 died 1786 in Prince Edward Ct Va. Wed Elizabeth and had 6 children
III version says he left Virginia for South Carolina
IV version says he wed Jane Kennedy and had 8 children
5. Margaret Caldwell born 1720 wed 1) William Rogers, 2) John Mitchell
6. Robert Caldwell born July 5, 1731 wed Mary Logan
. Rev. James H. Caldwell born 4/17, 1734 wed Hanna Ogdon One of the first students of Princeton University.

Sources for the children are:
1. Caldwell states that William, Thomas, David and Margaret and one unnamed other were born in Ireland. Robert and James were born in America. It also gave the military history and wife of William. Caldwell notes David's wife is Mary but does not give the last name. It also contains the details plus much more on Margaret, Robert and James. Caldwell states that James was born in Virginia, which gives credence to the assertion that the family moved there as early as 1734. It doesn't mention John at all.

2 .Family History, Caldwell lists all the children above. The only birth dates given are for the 3 youngest.

3. History of Kentucky 1884 by Butley & Perrin. This early book includes a biographical sketch of the Caldwell family. All seven of the above children are - in the order given.

John Caldwell died October 20, 1750. He is buried at Cub Creek. Margaret is buried next to him and three sons: William, Thomas and David. Possibly their son-in-law William Rogers is also buried there. Margaret Rogers husband William died just 2 weeks before her father died. The History of Kentucky 1884 says that John " was buried by the side of his wife". Did Margaret predecease him?

John Caldwell and each of their children left a legacy to the history of the churches and governments in the colony and new republic of America.



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1. What are the birth dates of all his children?

2. What is the correct info on son John?

3. When did Margaret die?


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