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Elizabeth Pullen was born about 1565 probably in Bristol England.  Her parents are unknown.  The name comes from the St. Stephen's Parish Records.  The writing is difficult to read.  Her name may have been Fuller or Pullish.

She married Thomas Cornish or Kornishe probably in St. Stephens Church.

St. Stephen's church was originally built in the 13th century.  The current building dates from 1470, so this is the building where family events would take place.  It is now on the Historic Registry of buildings.  It is still an active church.

Elizabeth and Thomas Cornish had at least one child, Elizabeth Cornish born April 3, 1594 was christened the same day at St. Stephens Church.  St. Stephen's Parish Records

Except for the birth of their child, nothing is known about Elizabeth Pullen Cornish or her husband Thomas.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

    1.  Get a copy of the Parish records.
    2.  Who were her parents?
    3.  Is Pullen her name?
    4.  Where there other children?
    5.  When did Elizabeth die? 
    6.  Where is she buried?


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