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Peggy Rutter was born about 1775 in  Pennslyvania.  Her parents were James Rutter and Elizabeth (maybe Owern).  The only documentation I have on Peggy is the will of her father James.  In it he names his daughter Peggy Ray.  It was written Feb. 1, 1814, and proved at the Nov. 1814 Livinsgton County Court.  The will is in the Livingston County court house in Smithland.  I do not know the book or page numbers.

James and Elizabeth wed in Pennsylvania about 1772.  They moved on to Washington County Kentuckey about 1783.  They bought land in that county and left many fingerprints there.  James had a land grant in Livinsgton county.  By 1810 he had moved there permanently,  some of his children stayed in Washington County.

The Livingston County History and Families Book  has a bio on James Rutter Sr. that gives the major details that I have on Peggy.  I have tried to authenticate each.  It states that Peggy Rutter, married in 1797, Joseph Ray.   That certainly corresponds with her name on the will of her father.

 Margaret Rutter married  Joseph Ray as Dec. 14, 1797 in Washington County Kentucky.   Washington County Kentucky Clerk of the County Court Marriage records, 1792 - 1989.   Book 1, page 14  film # 241382.  I do not have a copy of the marriage record.

The 1810 Livingston County, Ky Census, roll 7, page 157 has the Joseph Ray family living in Smithland district.  Smithland was a major community being where the Cumberland River flowed into the Ohio River.  

The family at that time had:
Joseph Ray, male 26 - 44
female, 26- 44 (I believe this to be Peggy)
Female 10 - 15  ( I have no idea who this is)
3 males 10 and under

However, according to the Livingston County History and Families Book, under Charles Ray it stated that Joseph and Peggy  moved to Livingston County KY  in 1815 and lived on Sandy Creek near Burna.

The 1820 Census is missing.  The 1830 Census,  has Joseph Ray in Salem and it is only Joseph and his sons.  The youngest is between 5 - 10 so she may have died between 1820 - 1825.   The 1850 Census has Joseph Ray with son Elmore age 29, so he would have been born about 1821.

The 1830 Census, Livingston County, roll 39, page 11
Joseph Ray, between 50-60
1 male 20-30  (Lloyd F)
2 males 15-20 (Joseph Jr. born 1812, John born 1810)
2 males 10-15 (maybe Alfred and Robert)  I need the will
1 male 5-10 (Elmore born 1821)

Somewhere I have Joseph's will.  It is wonderfully detailed, but I can't find it.  He died in 1855 and only named his sons.  Peggy had died previously.  There was probably a daughter born between 1798-1800)  The sons  were
Lloyd F Ray born 1808
John Ray born 1810
Joseph Ray, Jr. born 1812
Robert Ray 1815- 1820
Alfred Ray  1815 - 1820
Elmore Ray, born 1821

Peggy Rutter Ray died sometime between 1821 and 1830.  She may be buried in Mills Pioneer Cemetery between Burma and Salem


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Where and when was Margaret (Peggy) born?

2. Get a copy of the Marriage record.

3. Get names and dates for all  her children

4. When did she die?

5.  Where is she buried?


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