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Mary Martha Sheckles was born Aug. 25, 1745, St. James Parish in Anne Arundel County Maryland. St. James Parish records, page 387.
Her parents were John Shekels and Francis Birkhead
  St James Parish, also called Herring Creek Parish, dates from 1663.  The oldest tombstone in the cemetery is of Ann Birckhead dated 1665.  She is very likely related to Francis. It was mostly the southern part of Anne Arundel County below West River and Muddy Creek in Lothian Maryland.  A more recent building of St James Church today is located on Rt 2 south of Annapolis.

 Mary wed Joseph Ray about 1762 probably in  Anne Arundel County.This was in the DAR Patriot Index.  The Cameron and Paige Report on Ancestry world Tree project state thta they had 12 children.  They may be in a church record in Maryland, but I do not know their source. The Livingston County History has a paragraph on Charles Ray, a descendant of this family.  It states that Mary was born in 1744, and that her son Joseph Ray was born April 24, 1774.  This is very close to the information given below for Joseph, so I don't disbelieve it,  but I would like documentation.  If you know, please CONTACT US.  They are listed as all born in Maryland with the following names and dates of birth:

1.  Ann Nancy Ray born Sept 22, 1763
2.  John Sheckels Ray born Dec. 14, 1765
3.  Francis Ray born July 15, 1769
4.  Deborah Ray born Jan 25, 1772
5.  Joseph Ray born April 28, 1777
6.  Mary Ann Ray born July 23, 1778
7.  Elizabeth Ray born May 4, 1782
8.  Samuel Ray born July 13, 1784
9.  Lloyd Ray born April 13, 1785
10. Elenor Ray born May 8 1786
11. William Ray born Sept 12, 1788
12. Lydia Ray born May 27, 1792

According to the Livingston County History Joseph Ray went to Kentucky in 1797 soon after Daniel Boone.  He followed Boone's Trail and settled in the section of  Washington County that is now Marion county.   The 1810 Census Washington County Ky is alphabetized so you can't distinquish neighbors.  However Reel 8, page 8 has the following Ray families listed:
John S. Ray  right age  26-45
Francis Ray  right age 26-45
Samuel Ray right age 26-45

Further along reel 8, on page 308 is
Joseph Ray , over 45 with
 2 men 16 -26, right ages for Lloyd and William
 2 women 16- 26, right ages for Elenor and Lydia
1 woman over 45 - our Mary Sheckles Ray.

Meanwhile their son Joseph Jr. and his family have moved on to Livingston County Ky where they are in Smithland for the 1810 Census, reel 7, page 157.

It is known that Mary's husband, Joseph Ray died in 1819.  It is in Washington Ct. Ky Will Book C- I do not know the page.  Ann Tyson Sipes has written about the Ray family.   I do not have her book, nor her sources, but she confirms the year of his death on line.  The will was written on Feb. 17, 1816 and proved June 14, 1819.  I have not read it but a summary on Ancestry World wide Tree said he names 12 children, and mentions Lloyd Ray the Executor, born April 13, 1784 and Deborah, born Jan 25, 1772.  It apprently does not mention his wife, but all mention of her says said died Sept 24, 1826 in Marion Ky. However, I must believe she died before her husband.

 Francis Ray and family are on the 1820 Washington County Census, roll M33_29, page 63 in Lebanon, which is now in Marion County.  



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

  1. Find documentation for birthdates of all Mary's children.
  2. Get a copy of Joseph's will
  3. Confirm the death of Mary Martha Sheckles Ray   .


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