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                                        Beginning in 1781, there are numerous sales of property lots by Thomas Yates.  From Baltimore Deed Book W.G. Gook G. , pages                                             256- 260 is described an indenture entered  into by Thomas Yates and Jacob Myers, gentlemen.  It was witnessed by Charles Myers.                                          They rented 16 acres in Mountenays Neck - on the east side of Jones Falls next to  the current Patterson Park.  It would seem that it                                                was then divided into lots which Thomas Yates sold over the next 3 - 5 years.  Exactly how that worked I do not know.  But there                                                 are numerous sales of Lots by Thomas Yates during the 1780s.

                                                                                        Thomas Yates remarried a few years later. The Baltimore T(ribune or Times) reported Feb. 8, 1799 "Col. Thomas Yates and Mrs. Ma                                                                                   Mary Atkinson, both of Baltimore were wed last evening by Rev. Ireland".

                                                                                        Both of his weddings are noted in Marriage Records 1771-1799 Baltimore City Court House Md.

                                                                                        The Census' are not of great help. 1790 and 1800 only a “John Yates” is listed in Baltimoretown. Then in 1810 Census Baltimore                                                                                         Ward 7 there is a Thomas Yates of the right age, 5 woman and 4 free others.
                                                                                                Female under 10 - 1
                                                                                                Female 10-15 - 1
                                                                                                Females 16-25 - 2
                                                                                                Female 26-44 - 1
                                                                                                plus Free others - 4

                                                                                        I have no idea at this time who those Females and Others might be. Perhaps the City Directory will be helpful.

                                                                                        Thomas Yates carried on for twelve more years. The Baltimore Federal Gazette reported on Nov. 17, 1815  "Major Thomas Yates,                                                                                             died last evening in his 64th year; an officer  in the Revolutionary Army."

    1. Get complete list of children

    2. Who were his parents?

    3. confirm birth in England.

    4. Check early Baltimore directories for further information.

    5. Go to Old Saint Paul's cemetery and study the tombstones.