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Jacob Walsh Jr. was born 1772 in Baltimore. His father was Jacob Walsh Sr., a merchant of Baltimore.  His mother is unknown.  However, page 714 of The History of Baltimore City and County by John Thomas Scarf  states he was born in Baltimore of ancestors who settled in  Pennsylvania in the early times of that colony.

He was a good-looking young man.  I found a painting listed in the Garth's Auction Catalog for Nov. 2010. It was an oil painting by Rembrandt Peale done about 1800.  Within the catalog it describes the young man as "Portrait of a well dressed gentlemen in front of a window with a view to the (Baltimore) harbor and ships, most flying the US flag.  On a table nearby is a paper that identifies the setter as Jacob Walsh, merchant from Baltimore.  It gives his life line as 1772 - 1843, the son of Jacob Walsh Sr., also a Baltimore merchant.

According to the book Revolutionary Patriots of Baltimoretown 1775-1783  by Henry C. Peden Jr.,  Margaret Yates daughter of Colonel Thomas Yates and Mary Myers  married Jacob Walsh.  And then The Baltimore Federal Gazette reported on Saturday, June 26, 1802 that "Jacob Walsh Jr. married at Springfield on Thursday evening by Rev. Mr. Bend. Jacob Walsh Jr., merchant to Margaret Yates daughter of Thomas Yates, Esq. All of this city."

Jacob and Margaret Walsh had at least 4 children who were christened at St. Paul's Episcopal church:  re Maryland Birth & Christenings Index, 1662-1911 They were:
1. Mary Walsh, born March 22, 1803, christened June 26, 1803 she probably died before 1816.  see #4
2.  Elizabeth Ann 
re 1850 census, Baltimore page 196b she was born in 1807, christened Jan 2, 1810, a note on Ancestry.com stated that she wed Archibald Stirling.  He served as President of the Baltimore Savings Bank
3.  Thomas Yates - a biography held in the Baltimore Historical Society states he was born 1809 - died 1865. He was also christened on Jan 2, 1810.  Find A  
adds  death date as Jan 20, 1865. T. Yates Walsh was a Baltimore lawyer and served as US. Representative from 1851-1853.
5.  William Henry Myers Walsh, born Feb. 18, 1820, christened March 18, 1820. Williams's first son was named Thomas Yates.  and the  biography of 
     T. Yeates Walsh
, attorney at law names Wm. H. Walsh as a younger brother and His father was named Jacob Walsh "one time opulent merchant. but
      suffered business reverses.
4. Another daughter was found via her obituary in the Baltimore Sun, dated Oct. 19, 1888.  Mary Atkinson Yates Penniman, widow of Augustus Penniman, died,,,,,It went on to state she was daughter of Jacob Walsh, sister to T. Yates Walsh and Mrs. Stirling.  So she belongs to our family.  She was born in 1816.  So the questions are,  did the first daughter Mary die, and this was the 2nd and where does the name Atkinson come from?

The Revolutionary Patriots  went on to include that Jacob Walsh participated in the Battle at North Point in the War of 1812. He was a Second Lt. of the United   Maryland Artillery. He was reared Protestant Episcopal."

Jacob Walsh Jr. died July 7, 1843. Find a Grave says he is buried in Old St. Paul's Cemetery, but there is no further information.  It is not known when Margaret died, but she is noted on a deed in 1821. One Ancestry family tree has her death date in 1824, but no source.


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