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Priscilla Boswell was born about 1770 in Charles County Maryland.  Her father was Matthew Boswell, Charles County Md will #11556.  Her mother was Catherine, last name unknown.

 A memoir written about 1920 by Ernest Greenwood Maddox about the Maddox family stated that Priscilla Bozzle (Boswell) was Dutch and her husband William Moreland was Irish. It also said that they settled in Virginia, moved to Indiana and about 1820 to Kentucky.

Additional information was received from "Moreland/Boswell information. They did settle in Virginia, but their beginning was in Maryland. The Moreland family had been in Charles County Maryland since the late 1600s at least. According to Mortenson, there were many Boswells in Prince George's County at the time of Priscilla's birth. Prince George's County is just north of Charles County and next to the District of Columbia. We've seen no indication that there was a German or Dutch connection.

Priscilla married William Moreland about 1787 in Maryland. They had three children born in Maryland and then they moved to Shenandoah County, VA. This is halfway between Winchester and Harrisonburg VA. There three more children were born.

Priscilla's father wrote his will Sept 30, 1799 in Charles County Maryland.  It was probated Jan 27, 1800.  He names his children......Priscilla Moreland.

The 1810 Shenendoah County Virginia Census list for William Moreland:
2 males 10-15 (Jack & Walter)
1 male 45 and older (William)
1 female 10-16 (Elizabeth)
1 female 16 25 (Martha)
  5 slaves
No Priscilla.  We believed she died after June 1800, when her last child was born.  Anna has already married Daniel Trout.  They were living with his parents in the county.  son William was already on his own.  We are not sure where, but he ended up staying in the county. The rest of the family moved on to Kentucky after 1810 and before 1812.

There is a Priscilla Boswell who had a large family in Shelby County, Kentucky in early 1800's.  She was our Priscilla's aunt, widow of James Boswell, and may be the reason the Moreland family went to Kentucky. 

Their known children according to the Ernest G. Maddox memoir were;
1. Anna Moreland born September 1, 1788 married Daniel Trout. She died February 19 1847 and is buried with her husband in the Moffett Cemetery in Milton, Trimble County, Kentucky
2. Martha Moreland , born Sept 3, 1790 who married George Washington Floyd. She died Feb. 21, 1871 in Trimble Ct. KY and is buried in the Floyd CemeteryHer tombstone gives her birth and death date.  She was named in her father's will, as Martha Floyd in 1820 Oldham County Ky Will Book 1, page 70.
3. William Moreland born August 12, 1793 married Margaret Ott. He died April 4, 1863 in Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Virginia.
4. Elizabeth "Betsey" Moreland born 1798 in Virginia married William Maddox. By 1840 they were in Trimble County.
5. John D. "Jackey" Moreland born March 6, 1796 in Virginia. His married 3 times.  First to Seany Moreland, from an unrelated family in 1815.  She died when his first daughter was born.  Then he married Mary "Polly" McGannon in 1817 in Gallatin County, Kentucky They had 8 children  Polly died in 1857.  She was buried in the Moreland Cemetery on Luckett Lane. Finally, in 1858 he wed Elizabeth C. Calloway who outlived him by more than 25 years.  she died in 1904 and is buried at the Corn Creek Baptist Cemetery. 
 Jack Moreland died May 1, 1876 in Trimble County Kentucky and is buried on the Hampton Farm, Luckett Lane with Polly.
6. Walter A. Moreland born June 1800 in Virginia married 1st 1822 to Kitty Floyd by whom he had 5 children, 2nd 1832 to Lucinda Duncan in Oldham county KY, and 3rd Jane Cox Suddith on November 20, 1841 in Trimble County. He died there February 3, 1855 and is also buried on the Hampton Farm.

Priscilla Boswell Moreland's husband did not marry again re the evidence we have.  He wrote his will on Sept 11, 1820.  It was probated Oct. 16, 1826 Oldham County Kentucky Will Book.  The Moreland family were early members of the Corn Creek Church, southwest of Mt. Pleasant in Trimble County. The church cemetery is the final resting-place of many Moreland descendants and perhaps William Moreland.


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