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Mathew Boswell,  the Senior was born about 1703-5 probably in Charles County Maryland.  His parents were William Boswell and  mother unknown.  William Boswell's will, Charles County Will Book 22, page 384 , written in 1741 names land we can connect to Matthew's sons, as well as naming his children, which includes Mathew Matthew was the eldest of 5 sons.  No daughters were mentioned.

He married Anne, about 1725 in Charles County. So far her name is unknown though there is a suggestion that it was WilsonEarly Charles County Maryland Settlers, 1658-1745 by Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright contains a page of Boswell references found in those early records. They are in alpha order by first name.  Under Matthew they have written the following    " Boswell, Matthew Sr, (Planter), son of John Boswell (d. 1686), married Ann Wilson or Anne Willson, dau. of Alexander and Mary Wilson   or Willson, before 5 Dec 1748 and they conveyed land to sons William and Matthew in 1755" (Ref: MDAD 25:246: CCLR A#3:273)

Now I perfectly agree with the last state re conveying land to their sons, and it is noted below ie Charles County Land Records though I have Book A     number 2 not 3.   I really hope the section on his marriage to Anne Wilson and her parents name is correct.  I do not know the Reference MDAD.          However he was the grandson - not the son of John Boswell who died 1686.  If anyone can confirm that Matthew Boswell married Anne Wilson  about 1725 please CONTACT US

From the Calvert papers pg 105, Part 2, Rent Rolls, May 7, 1725, "Mary's Delight", surveyed fro William Boswell, beginnng at gounded Red Oak, 74 acres, Rent 2 shillings 11  

                                From the Calvert Papers P 105, Part 2, Rent Rolls, May 7 1725,  "Mary's Delight", surveyed for William Boswell,                                                     beginning at bounded Red Oak, 74 acres, Rent 2 shillings 11 and one half Pence, in possession of Matthew Boswell.                                                  Calvert papers p 77 Part 2 , Rent   Roll, Oct 11 1731, "Mary's Delight", patented for 74 acres, PG #8 Folio 221, same rent                                          as above, in possession of Matthew Boswell."  Perhaps the residence was a wedding present for Matthew and Anne.                                             They were still there in 1731.

Matthew and Anne Boswell had 2 known sons:
1.  William Boswell  born probably about 1726/7, wed Eleanor, birth name unknown.
2.  Mathew Boswell born about 1730 wed Catherine, birth name unknown 

The Charles county 1733 Tax List of Boswells has William Sr., William Jr., Matthew, plus John, Michael, another John with 2 taxables and Ann with 4.  The latter John and Ann were on the East side of Port Tobacco River, while all the others were on the West side, upper part of Port Tobacco River.

In 1741 Matthew's father, William Boswell wrote a will, dated June 3, 1741, proved Sept. 9 1741, Charles County Maryland liber 22, page 384.  This was transcribed on the Horrcks Genealogy webpage.  I am very grateful for the clear presentation.  It is very specific in its designation that William's son, George Boswell was to inherit Boswells Desert and Mary's Delight when he became 19 years of age.  Sons Matthew, of this story, and his brother John were granted "his dwelling place for the term of eight years."  I'll quote the whole in Williams story. 

So did that mean that  Matthew and John had 8 years they could stay in their homes, and then they would become George's property.  Well, Matthew Boswell contested the will in court in October 1741. The Horrocks' have the whole story.  Bottom line is on  Page 320 Prerogative Court Charles County November 9 1742. The Judge rules that the will is, " Void to the lands. and valid to the personal estate".  So Matthew, apparently being the eldest son, ended up with both Boswell's Desert and Mary's Delight. 

Mary Boswell, his mother, died in 1754.  The Inventory of the estate of Mary Boswell, late of Charles County, deceased, was presented 30 Dec. 1754 by James Keeth and William Middleton, appraisers. Signing as kindred were George Boswell (his mark) and John Boswell (his mark). William Boswell, administrator of the estate swore to the accuracy and completeness of the inventory on Feb. 6 1755. (Charles County Inventory Liber 60, Folio 137).

Very soon thereafter, Jan 15, 1755, Matthew Sr. gives Boswells Desert to his sons William and Mathew Jr.  Charles County Land Record Book A #2, 1752-1756, page 273 Jan 15, 1755" from Mathew Boswell (Bosell) Sr of CC, planter, to Wm Boswell & Mathew Boswell of CC, planters, for the natural love that he has for his aforesaid sons, Wm & Mathew Boswell Jr, and for 3000 lbs of tobacco, a tract of land in CC called Boswells Desert, bounded by a small branch that falls into Portobacco Main Branch and near the land of Alexander Hamiltons Run, containing and laid out for about 100 acres, to be equally divided between them. Signed - Mathw (M his mark) Boswell. Wit - Walter Hanson, Dan of St. Thos. Jenifer.   Ann, the wife of the sd Mat. Boswell Sr, relinquished her right of dower to the lands within mentioned. Recorded Feb 3, 1755"

In 1756 there was a deed where by William Boswell sold his brother, Matthew Boswell half a tract of land called "Mary's Delight, adjoining a tract called "Boswell Desert". The land was in Charles County near the head of Portobacco Branch, starting on the north side of Portobacco:  74 acres with buildings, garden and orchards, Recorded Charles County deed April 3, 1756.  That should put it just to the north of the village of White Plains, Maryland.   This was the other piece of land Matthew Sr. had received in the court settlement. It would seem then that he had died sometime after Feb. 3, 1755 and April 1756 and his eldest son William had been granted Mary's Delight.  He was now sharing that with his brother.  Their mother, Ann is not mentioned.  Perhaps she too had died during that year.

Nothing was recorded after 1755 re Mathew Boswell, Sr. nor for his wife Anne


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Were their daughters that were never mentioned?
    2. Get birth dates on his children.
    3. When did he die?
    4. when did his wife, Ann died?
    5. confirm that she was Anne Wilson as stated in book.

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