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John Currer was born about 1690 probably in Cecil County Maryland.  His parents are believed to be William Currer and Jane Currer or Courter.  His mother may  have been the widow of Thomas Currier William's brother, but a lot more work needs to be done to clarify that supposition.  John was one of at least four children raised at their plantation called Helena on the west side of the North East River.   John lived there until his death and Helena passed on to his eldest son.

John Currer continued the family tradition of being dependable and communal minded.  He was often a witness to court documents .  One example

2/7/1720 - Abstracts of Cecil Co. Maryland land records 1673-1751 by June Brown (on Google Books)p. 354  Deed  Henry Hollingsworth of Cecil Co. for L20 to Martin Cartwell
100 acres by a West branch of Elk river by land of said Martin Cartwell, part of a tract called Lydia’s Joynture. 2/7/1720/1721
Witnesses: John Currer, George Collins.
"Lydia's Joynture" on Elk River, Written: February 7, 1721, Recorded: June 16, 1721
Cecil Co. MD Deed Book 3 p. 354, 355

John Currier wed Sarah, last name unknown about 1715.  So far no hint about her parents or birthplace. The first second source material we have on this family are the children born to the couple recorded in the St. Mary Anne’s Parish records, North East Maryland.  The records were compiled into Early Anglican Church Records of Cecil County by Henry C. Peden, Jr., page 75 & 61.
The children of John and Sarah Currer/Currier were:
1. John Currier, born March 17, 1717/18
2. William Currier, born Feb. 28, 1719
3. Mary Currier, born Nov. 6,1722
4. Thomas Currer, born Jan 13, 1724
5. Michael Currier, born Jan 18, 1727
6. Elizabeth Currier, born  Feb. 4, 1729
7. Sarah Currier, born March 5, 1731
8. Catherine Currier, born March 9, 1733
9. Ann Currier, born Auig. 16, 1735

John Currier wrote his will April 15, 1738, it was proved June 13, 1738.  Maryland, Cecil county wills vol 14, folio 345.  In this document he lists his wife, unnamed, but church records confirm it was still Sarah,  Son John  was named Executor and received his dwelling and plantation.  Sons William, Thomas, and Michael.  Duaghter Ann received 10 pounds outright.  Other daughters listed were Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth.   The following Distribution were made and recorded in the Cecil County Land Records Deed book 4, page 537:
Jan 12, 1747 Elizabeth Mainly, wife of John received a mulatto woman Dinah in lieu of 60 pounds owed her by her father's estate.
Aug. 6, 1747 Thomas Currier received 65 pounds sterling to settle the estate of his father.
April 15, 1749 Sarah Currier received 65 pounds as her share of her father's estate.
it took John a long time to distribute the estate because there was a clause stating they were to receive the distribution when they came to a certain age.
Both Elizabeth and Sarah would have been 18 years old.  Mary and Catherine died before they were 18 years old. 
I don't know why William and Michael were not mentioned. However, Michael was very ill at the time.  Note below #5.  I need to get a copy of the complete document.

Of these children we know or surmise the following:
1.  John marrived Millicent Johnson June 16, 1740 and died Aug 1760.  Check his story for details by clicking the blue link above to his name.
2.  William Currier still alive in 1757
3.  Mary Currier - I believe she is the Mary in the Peden Book noted to be buried Sept 23, 1739.  It is on the line before her mother was noted to be buried 2 months later.
4.  Thomas was still alive in Aug 6, 1747.  One researcher stated he married Joane, source unknown.
5.  Michael made a will 7/1/1757, no wife was mentioned.  Cecil Ct Will, vol 4, p 538
Mickell (or Mikel) Currer  Will – 7/1/1757 - John Currer was Adm. Sister was Sarah Currer (8 pounds). Brother William Currer (10 pounds), Rachel Currer (relationship not stated, but maybe wife of William -  one four pistols peace which she has in keeping), brother John Currer (all other real and personal property). , Witnesses Nathan Baker, John Herdrick, Robert Zewell.
6.  Elizabeth was alive in Aug 1747 and married to John Maneby or Mainly.
7.  Sarah was alive in July 1, 1751 and not married.
8.  Catherine Currier nothing for sure is known.  There was a Catherine Currier was died 1737 noted in the Peden book. I believe this is her.

This part of the Maryland is dominated by the Chesapeake Bay and it's many rivers and streams.  At the very northen most reach is the current town of North East. In 1717 it was the location of the church and main road each and west.  The town came later.  The Bay is considered to begin at the junction of the Susquehana, North East  and Elk River  From that point the Susquehanna is entered by going north west.  The North East River by going north east, and the Elk by going east north east.  The point of land that lies between the Elk and the North East is now called Elk's Neck.  There is still remnants of a boat landing at St. Mary Anne's church from when parishioners went to church by boat, as well as visiting neighbors.  It was easier than over land.  Cecil Ct. Historic Map  shows the rivers details in 1785. The county is that land between the Susquehanna and the Sassafras Rivers.  In the late 1600s it extended south of the Sassafras River.

Out of the Currier Family file at the Cecil County Historical Society is a paper done by Grace J. Currier.  She states that in 1687 William and Jane Currior bought land from George Talbot called "Helena" on the North East river.  I cannot find the Deed transfer, but I did find the original patent given to George Talbot.  It is Patent Record SDA, page 230 in 1683 for 32000 acres in Cecil Ct called New Conought Mannor also known as Susquehanna Manor.  This land is on the West side of the North East River.  The History of Cecil County by George Johnston 1881 states on page 129, that in June 1687 George Talbot executed the only deed executed by him for land in Cecil County "that is on record". 

Julia Mortensen found a deed, Cecil County Deeds Vol 6, page 383.  It stated that "John Currer of Cecil County, Innholder,  to James Paul Heath, Merchant,  for part of Susquehannah alias New Connaught Manor which was sold by George Talbot on 5/31/1687 to William Currer and Jane his wife, grandfather and grandmother  of  said John Currer; Land is named Helena, lying on the North East River in Cecil Co. bounding tract of land called Cavan, 300 acres, witnesses Nicholas Hyland, Nathan Baker. 10/29/1744"    This clearly connects the John of this story to the older and younger generation.  It is probable that our John inherited Helena from his father, passed it on in his will go his son, John who then sold it in 1744. In trying to find exactly where Helena was located I found where the son of James Paul Heath, Daniel Heath sold Helena to Edward Mitchell EsqCecil Ct. Deed Book 10, page 270 gives a description of dimensions and describes the muddy gut running through a marsh.  The next deed found Cecil Ct. Deed Book 19, page 37-39 places Helena next to Seneca Point - which is still on current maps.  It lies a half mile south of the southern edge of Charlestown Maryland

The St. Mary Ann's Parish records states that John Currer was buried May 10, 1738 and Sarah Currier was buried Nov. 1, 1739.  It is not known where they were buried. Peden page 61, 62
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1. Who and where was Sarah before she married John?

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